At San Diego County Credit Union, safeguarding your account is an important part of our business. We pride ourselves on providing you with several layers of card fraud uses leading fraud detection services to monitor your card activity to detect suspicious activity and protect you from theft. You can also enroll in real-time text fraud alerts, learn more below. If you are traveling, please let us know ahead of time by completing theTravel Notificationform in Internet Branch online banking Self Service.

Help protect your debit and credit cards from fraud by telling us your travel plans ahead of time. Please let us know your specific destination(s) and dates of travel so we can monitor your account more effectively. CompletetheTravel Notificationform in Internet Branch online bankingor call us at (877) 732-2848, at least 48 hours prior to your departure. Don't forget to provide us with a contact phone number for you while traveling whenever possible.

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Verify that your debit or credit card doesn't expire during your travel dates.Carry and pack your forms of payment separately. For example, a credit card in a suitcase and a debit card in a wallet or purse.Verify that you know your PIN for your card(s).

You can visit yourlocal branchto purchase a prepaid reloadable debit card and/or Visa gift card. If your current card will be expiring during travel and/or you need to select your own unique PIN for your card(s), please visit branch locationfor assistance. offers free and convenient real-time fraud alerts via text message. These alerts can help prevent fraudulent activity on your signature-based debit and credit transactions.Protecting your account is easy!All cardholders with a valid mobile number on file are automatically enrolled! Ensure the phone number we have on file is correct by logging into Internet Branch.We’ll send you a text message if there is suspicious activity detected on your account.Reply to confirm whether or not you recognize the transaction.If you do not recognize the transaction, we will block usage of your cardIf you do recognize the transaction, your card will remain available for use.Fraud text alerts will come from 21556. also uses these short codes:21556(Fraud Text Alerts)​73228 (Text Banking)473228 (Other Messaging)Save these numbers in your phone so if we text you with a fraud alert, you know it's from us.Visit our blog for more tips about how to protect yourself from financial scammers.

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Reminder: will never ask for your personal information via text. We will never ask for your username or password. If you are in doubt of the validity of a call or text, please call our main number at (877) 732-2848 or visit our Contact Us page.For more information about common scams, click here.
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