The popular, an effective guide to help parents regain manage over a defiant kid or teenagerOccasional clashes in between parents and children are not uncommon, however when defiant behavior-including tantrums, resistance to chores, and also negativity-becomes chronic, that causes big problems in ~ the family. In 10 Days to a much less Defiant Child, family and also child psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein shares a groundbreaking ten-day program to aid parents recognize their child"s behavior and also regain control of your household.In this update edition, parents will certainly learn exactly how to face new challenges, consisting of defiance resulting from excessive an innovation use (even to the suggest of addiction) and the anxiety of modern-day family life. Dr. Bernstein describes what reasons defiance in kids and also why it"s so disastrous to the family, then provides parents a step-by-step overview on just how to reduce conflict and also end upsetting behaviors.

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Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, is a licensed psychologist specializing in child and family therapy who has helped much more than 2 thousand defiant children and their households restore your relationships. A renowned relationship expert and the writer of Why Can"t You check out My Mind?, 10 Days to a less Distracted Child, and Liking the kid You Love, Dr. Bernstein has showed up on the this particular day Show and also Court TV, amongst other venues. Dr. Bernstein lives in the Philadelphia area.

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Table that Contents

Introduction: This Is no What I expected Parenting to Be like xiiiIntroduction to the second Edition xixDay 1 Grasping Why Your boy Acts Defiantly 1Day 2 knowledge Your Defiant child 21Day 3 Coaching Yourself approximately the Yelling trap 40Day 4 Rising above Power battles 71Day 5 Reinforcing the Positive alters in Your boy 110Day 6 discipline Without Desperation 136Day 7 Rallying household Support 160Day 8 Lessening Defiance at institution 186Day 9 Overcoming Stubborn Obstacles 211Day 10 reducing Defiance for the long Run 244Appendix 1 determining If her Child needs Professional aid 258Appendix 2 further Considerations v Age-Specific indict for managing Your child in Cyberspace 267Appendix 3 Guide, to managing Defiant students 283Sources 293Resources 296Acknowledgments 302Index 303

Editorial Reviews

"Dr. Jeff"s advice is terrific: Listen, don"t yell. Present respect."—Great son Magazine"10 Days to a less Defiant child is a need to read for parents and educators alike! In brief order, Dr. Bernstein has masterfully produced a program that enables parents to improve family and also school relationship by giving them the user-friendly tools crucial to resolve long-term son defiance. Familial support, confident reinforcement, and a team approach that consists of working with school staff space the cornerstones the make this work rise come the top. Every college psychologist and also every educator who faces defiant children should have a copy that this book in your libraries!" —Ivan J. Katz, EdD, Superintendent the Schools, Eldred central School District, Eldred, NY"What a much-needed source for parents enduring the disappointed of increasing a defiant child! This publication provides insights right into why some children and also teens disapprove rules and also resist authority, but, more important, gives an easy-to-implement arrangement to manage these negative behaviors. The info on ADHD and other disorders is an especially valuable. The sooner you obtain started v Dr. Bernstein"s plan, the sooner you will have a more peaceful home."—Marie Paxson, coordinator the a support group for parental of children and teens v ADHD"Parents must go no further; this publication is THE source book for parents the defiant and complicated children. 10 Days come a less Defiant boy empathizes and actively supports parents like myself—who have actually looked fruitlessly because that help—in making transforms in ourself in bespeak to aid our kids live an ext comfortably in the world. This publication should it is in on the shelf of every parent, mental wellness professional, and also educator. A unique method that should become a classic!"—Judith Roth, MSW, LISW"Dr. Bernstein has accomplished the complicated task of composing a practical and readable book that will certainly be a very an important tool because that parents. That is a potpourri of great ideas for intervening v a an overwhelming child in an enthusiastic and also positive way. I highly recommend this book!"—Clare B. Jones, PhD, writer of useful Suggestions for ADHD