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"Remember the Name" is a rap tune by ft Minor, the side task of rock band Linkin Park"s co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda. It is the second single indigenous his 2005 album The climbing Tied (2005) and also features underground hip hop band layouts of Beyond. It to be released together the album"s very first single, "Petrified". A music video clip for the song was released in 2005, command by Kimo Proudfoot. The solitary initially failed come chart. However, in 2006, the solitary received center success because of its usage in the media and possibly the success that "Where"d you Go", another Fort minor single. Despite countless low peaks in various charts, the track was used broadly in the media, specifically at sports events, and also eventually received a Platinum certification by the RIAA in 2009 and also a silver- certification by the BPI in 2017.more »

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You ready?! Let"s go!Yeah, because that those of you that wanna understand what we"re every aboutIt"s prefer this y"all (c"mon)This is ten percent luckTwenty percent skillFifteen percent focused power of willFive percent pleasureFifty percent painAnd a hundred percent reason to remember the nameHe doesn"t need his name up in lightsHe just wants to be heard even if it is it"s the win or the micHe feels for this reason unlike everyone else, aloneIn despite the of the fact that some world still think the they know himBut f*ck "em, he knows the code, it"s not around the salaryIt"s about reality and also making part noiseMaking a story, making certain his clique remains upThat way when the puts it down, Tak"s pickin" it upWho the hell is that anyway, he never ever really speak muchNever came to with status but still leavin" castle star struckHumbled through methods given in spite of the factThat numerous misjudge him since he renders a livin" from composing rapsPut it with each other himself, currently the photo connectsNever questioning for someone"s help, or to acquire some respectHe"s only focused on what that wrote; his will is past reachAnd now it all unfolds, the skill of one artistThis is twenty percent skill, eighty percent beerBe a hundreds percent clean "cause Ryu is illWho would"ve thought that he"d it is in the one to collection the west in flamesThen heard that wreckin" v The crystal Method, surname Of The GameCame back, dropped Megadef, take it "em to churchI like bleach, man, Ryu had actually the stupidest verseThis dude is the truth, now everybody be givin" the guest spotsHis stock"s v the roof; ns heard he fuckin" through S-DotThis is ten percent luckTwenty percent skillFifteen percent focused power that willFive percent pleasureFifty percent painAnd a hundred percent reason to mental the nameThey call him Ryu he"s sick, and also he"s spittin" fire and MikeGot him out the dryer he"s hot, found him in fort Minor through TakWhat a fuckin" nihilist porcupine; he"s a prick; he"s a cockThe kind women want to be with and also rappers hope he obtain shotEight years in the makin" patiently waitin" come blowNow the document with Shinoda"s takin" over the globeHe"s acquired a companion in crime; his shit is same dopeYou won"t believe the type of shit the comes the end of this kid"s throatHe"s no your every job on the blockHe knows just how to job-related with what he"s gotMakin" his way to the topHe often gets a discuss his namePeople store asking him to be it given at birthOr go it was standing for one acronym?No, he"s livin" proof the he rockin" the boothHe"ll gain you buzzin" much faster than a shot of vodka through juiceHim and also his crew room known roughly as among the bestDedicated to what castle do and give a hundreds percentForget Mike, nobody really knows exactly how or why he works so hardIt seems favor he"s never gained timeBecause that writes every note and he write every lineAnd I"ve checked out him at work when the light goes on in his mindIt"s prefer a architecture is written in his head every timeBefore he even touches a an essential or speaks in a rhymeAnd those motherfuckers he runs with, the youngsters that that signedRidiculous, without even trying, just how do they carry out it?This is ten percent luckTwenty percent skillFifteen percent focused power that willFive percent pleasureFifty percent painAnd a hundreds percent reason to mental the nameThis is ten percent luckTwenty percent skillFifteen percent focused power the willFive percent pleasureFifty percent painAnd a hundreds percent factor to psychic the nameYeahFort MinorM-ShinodaStyles the BeyondRyuTakbirMachine Shop

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styles of beyond Styles of beyond are an underground hip hop group from the mountain Fernando valley of Los Angeles, California. The group is composed of MCs Ryan Patrick Maginn (Ryu) and Takbir Bashir (Tak), Colton Raisin Fisher (DJ Cheapshot), and producer Jason Rabinowitz (Vin Skully). They have actually released two LPs, one mixtape and also were heavily featured on Mike Shinoda"s ft Minor job in 2005. In ~ one point they were also signed to Shinoda"s an equipment Shop Recordings label, although lock left the brand in so late 2008.

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They are additionally heavily associated with the secret rap group Demigodz i m sorry features comparable underground artist such together Apathy, Celph Titled, and 7L & Esoteric. An ext »