ASh-12.7 attack rifle is gift demonstrated through KBP's chief tiny arms designer, V.Zelenkophoto: "National Defense" magazine

ASh-12.7 attack rifle. Simple configuration with 20-round magazinePhoto: KBP Tula

ASh-12.7 assault rifle. Configuration through 10-round magazine and "tactical" sound suppressor / silencerPhoto: KBP Tula

12.7×55 ammunition because that ASh-12.7 attack rifle, L-R: with light bullet, v duplex load, with hefty bullet, with AP bulletphoto: "National Defense" magazine

12.7×55 case compared come .499 LWR, .50 Beowulf and 7,62×39 because that scale




Short recoil

Length, mm


Barrel length, mm

No data

Weight, kg

5.2 (less ammunition and also sound suppressor)

Rate of fire, rounds/minute


Magazine capacity, rounds

10 and 20

ASh-12 attack rifle (Штурмовой автомат АШ-12 in Russian) to be designed through Tsentral design bureau because that Sporting and Hunting arms (ЦКИБ СОО, a subsidiary of the Tula Equipment architecture Bureau, or КПБ). It was arisen on inquiry from Russian federal Security organization (FSB) as an can be fried close combat “man-stopper” weapon for their elite counter-terrorist units. Embraced in 2011 in addition to specially design ammunition, ASh-12 is employed together CQB weapon against most dangerous equipped criminals or terrorists who needs to be stopped, literally, with the very first shot.

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To accomplish maximum protecting against power at short range, ASh-12 is built about a committed family that the CQB ammunition, which contains several loads. The instance is rimless and also 55mm long, and is the same as offered in Sts-130 subsonic sniper ammunition supplied in VSSK “Vychlop” suppressed sniper rifle. List of tons for ASh-12 contains Armor Piercing projectiles with steel main point (bullet weight about 18 gram), heavy subsonic projectiles v lead main point (bullet weight about 33 gram), light and also fast projectiles with aluminum core (bullet weight around 7 gram), and a duplex pack with 2 bullets every weighting around 17 gram. Depending upon the bullet form and target (protected or unprotected) maximum effective range varies between 100 and 300 meters.

The ASh-12 attack rifle is inexplicable in that it uses short recoil operated activity with rotary bolt loking. That is that bullpup layout, with steel upper receiver and polymer reduced receiver. Ejection is to the right only. Hand-operated safety is ambidextrous and is located over the trigger guard. Ambidextrous fie selector is located at the behind of the magazine housing and also offers solitary shots and full automatic fire modes. Ammunition is fed from proprietary detachable crate magazines hold 10 or 20 rounds.

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Rifle deserve to be equipped through wide selection of sights and accessories using incorporated Picatinny rails. It additionally comes through compact “tactical” suppressor (which is to be provided with subsonic ammunition) and with larger and also highly efficient sound suppressor optimized for heavy subsonic loads.