Chandler City room is in Downtown Chandler ~ above the eastern side the Arizona Avenue and approximately 1/2-mile south of Chandler Boulevard. The municipal complex offers convenient accessibility to the many used City services and also plentiful complimentary parking. The complex consists that a six-story City room office tower and several nearby buildings, consisting of the City council Chambers, Vision Gallery, neighborhood Resources offices and also a publicly parking garage. The complicated includes facilities on the north and south sides of Chicago Street. 

City board of directors Chambers, 88 E. Chicago St.Print, mail & graphic Services, 210 S. Washington St.Public Parking Garage Entrance, 240 S. Washington St.

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One of the public art pieces in the new City Hall facility also serves an essential function, acting together a organic light filter because that the office windows. The artwork "Turbulent Shade" developed by artist Ned Kahn incorporates about 1,000 perforated stainless stole panels (6-by-21-inch) that space suspended ~ above rods across the whole western facade that the building. The artwork reflects light, move with herbal wind currents and also is lit from above and below with low power use LED lighting that adds a warmth glow to the artwork, when providing vibrant illumination to the building. The east façade additionally includes the same art over a smaller area. The artwork to be purchased through the City"s one percent for art ordinance, i beg your pardon allocates 1% of project building dollars of new buildings and also parks to the Municipal art Fund.

Key task Dates:Chandler City room Site Selection research Approved: May 2006Design Contract Approved: Dec. 13, 2007Construction Contract Approved: April 6, 2009Groundbreaking Ceremony: May 8, 2009Public Opening: Oct. 25, 2010Dedication Ceremony: Nov. 15, 2010Upon completion of the project, Chandler City Hall receive GOLD Certification in ~ the leadership in Energy and also Environmental design (LEED) Green building Rating System.


Key budget Figures:Original job Budget: $80 million (see below)Original Construction Estimate: $51 millionGuaranteed best Price Construction Bid: $47 million (Sundt Const.)Additional to save Realized During the Project: $6 millionFinal Project price Estimate$70 million

Project budget plan included: floor acquisition, demolition, remediation, and also business relocations; plan review, permit and also inspection fees; professional service fees (architect fees, construction management fees); furniture, furnishings and also equipment (FFE); Information modern technology services (broadband, phone and video clip equipment); and some contingency fund.

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Top Ten eco-friendly Projects for 2012American academy of Architects (AIA) Committee top top the atmosphere (COTE)The COTE optimal Ten eco-friendly Projects routine celebrates structures that usage a thoroughly integrated technique to architecture, organic systems, and an innovation to administer architectural remedies that protect and also enhance the environment. The tasks make a optimistic contribution to your communities, improve comfort for structure occupants, and also reduce an unfavorable environmental impacts through techniques such together reuse of currently structures, link to transit systems, low-impact and also regenerative website development, energy and also water conservation, use of sustainable construction materials, and designs that improve indoor wait quality. American Crown neighborhood 2011American City and also County MagazineThe compensation is presented each year in acknowledgment of outstanding management in regional government. The magazine known Chandler because that the City room Complex. Best the the finest Project compensation - ideal Government/Public BuildingEngineering News-Record (ENR) Magazine, NationalThis nationwide competition establish design and also construction excellence based on regional winners of ENR"s seven local publications" best Projects 2011 Awards (see below). Project the the YearENR Southwest Magazine, RegionalThe best overall project among 130 building projects in Arizona, Nevada, and brand-new Mexico follow to engineering News-Record, Southwest Region Best Government/Public BuildingENR Southwest Magazine, Regional"Suburban City Hall has an urban Heart," follow to the magazine. Award that Excellence Finalist because that 2011Urban floor Institute, North and also South America RegionPresented to tasks that show creativity and best practices in floor use and property development. Crescordia - eco-friendly Excellence award - Outstanding public Building/StructureValley front Association, September 2011Arizona"s oldest and most prestigious competition focusing specifically on ecological initiatives. Paul Waterbury Award because that Outdoor Lighting design (International)Illuminating Engineering culture (IES) Awards, 2011Special citation for an imaginative Lighting of an Art piece (Turbulent Shade) and also published in LD+A, newspaper of the Illuminating Engineering culture of phibìc America, respectable 2011 Awards that Merit (4)Illuminating Engineering society (IES) Awards, 20111. Out Lighting - building Façade and also Courtyard2. Out Lighting - arts Scrim3. Interior Lighting - council Chambers4. Energy and Environmental architecture - Daylighting and Energy reliable Design Honor AwardAmerican institute of Architects (AIA), Western hill Region P.R.I.D.E. AwardInternational Interior design Association (IIDA), RegionalDesign Excellence because that a public Facility Excellence in stonework Architectural AwardArizona masonry Guild Exposing the best in ConcreteAmerican Concrete Institute, Arizona Chapter, 2011Presented in recognition of excellence in structural and architectural concrete, including excellence in pre-cast, cast-in-place, and masonry concrete construction, as well as unusual use of concrete and concrete creating materials. Best Office ProjectRED (Real Estate and Development) Awards 2010Presented by AZRE: Arizona Commercial actual Estate Magazine. The awards acknowledge the biggest, best and most remarkable commercial actual estate projects in the valley for 2010, and the construction teams involved. Project that the YearAssociated Minority builders of America (AMCA), Arizona ChapterPresented in 2010 come an Arizona job that created opportunities to tiny minority contractors, vendors, and also suppliers.