I've want to carry out a DNA test because that a lengthy time now, and both 23andme and AncestryDNA are currently on sale right here in Germany. 23andme is only accessible in the international version, which would carry me to roughly 100$ every kit including shipping if i order two. Ancestry is on sale on Amazon, 49€ per kit, cost-free shipping. Native what I've seen roughly here, I uncover 23andme to have actually a much better presentation, to just look nicer overall and also have more insights.

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Now my inquiry to you, especially to world who have taken both, is: would certainly 23andme to you be worth double the price in comparison to Ancestry? Or have to I just gain Ancestry and save money?

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I have actually taken both.

For ancestry ("ethnicity") breakdown, 23andMe is generally thought about to be the most accurate (least likely to report ancestry you don't have) and an exact (most able come drill under into specific regions/ancestry). If you're thinking about getting kit for family, 23andMe has a cool feature where they can use her parents' DNA to make her own genealogy prediction even much more accurate/precise (phasing); AncestryDNA go not.

For family members matching, they're equally together "accurate", but AncestryDNA is usually recommended due to their larger database (which method more relatives to match with) , return a many their genealogical tools require a subscription, conversely, 23andMe has actually not put any type of features behind a subscription. 23andMe does show up to it is in making improvements on the genealogy facets of their service; recently, they put out a brand-new family tree feature in beta that attempts to instantly build the end your household tree from your matched relatives.

For traits, 23andMe is better due to Ancestry's ham-fisted navigation/presentation of that information; the seems like AncestryDNA just threw theirs together and also rushed it the end so they could say they likewise offer properties reports in stimulate to contend with 23andMe. 23andMe's version of characteristics reports are much an ext understandable, polished and fully-fledged. Additionally, 23andMe offers more: 37 reports vs 26 reports from AncestryDNA.

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23andMe additionally includes a neanderthal report (how plenty of neanderthal markers you have) and also information on your paternal haplogroup (if you're male) and also maternal haplogroup; AncestryDNA walk not. If you're female and also get your father/brother tested, 23andMe have the right to infer your paternal haplogroup from theirs.

I'd go v 23andMe because that the extra cost. Which version of Amazon space you feather at, through the means (.com, .de)?