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This ar on 9230 Potranco Rd, mountain Antonio, TX 78251 ~ above potranco rd is among the worst Baskin Robbins in mountain Antonio Texas. Every time ns go there it"s excuse after excuse they never ever have any of the ice cream they advertise the they have. Then when they do have actually the ice cream lock don"t have the containers to put banana splits. Now rather of wasting mine time and going over there I have to call to make sure that lock do have the ice cream cream or commodities that castle advertise. ...read complete review
We were 2nd in line through no one behind us (slow time). As we"re finalizing our ice cream choose (so we can be prepared to order as soon as it"s our turn), the employee rings up the civilization in prior of us and completely disregards us once others begin to walk in and also order. There is no means she did no see united state next. But all is well, we left and went under the roadway to great American cookies. Although lock had issues with your register, they endangered with great customer service and also even...read complete review

WORST service EVER! ns tried to give them one more chance come redeem themselves and they FAILED! favor I obtain it kids really don’t desire to occupational or care however they have offered me the dorn order TWICE! and not only like one slightly wrong it’ll it is in something completely different. Nothing waste your time and also energy at this location simply absolutely terrible
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