Special Requests

If you would prefer to inquiry a Voter Registration drive for your group or event,please click here.

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If girlfriend would like to request a speaker from our office, you re welcome click here.

If girlfriend would favor to request public records, please click below to send the request via email. Describe your request in the human body of the email, and also do not include digital attachments.Alternately, you deserve to mail her request to: Hillsborough ar Supervisor of elections Office, Attn: Public documents Request, 601 E. Kennedy Blvd., 16th Floor, Tampa, FL 33602, or speak to (813) 744-5900 and also ask for the interactions department.

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Getting In Touch


Social Media Policy

The Hillsborough county Supervisor of poll Office provides social media come share information about elections and also voting in Hillsborough County. When anyone is cost-free to share our content, our social media platforms room not a ar for partisan politics discussion. Write-ups will be hidden, rubbish or removed when the content includes opinions supporting or opposing politics parties, political campaigns or ballot issues. Short articles that may be reputed inflammatory, offensive, discriminatory or unlawful, or encompass false details or advertisement promotions, are additionally subject come removal. Questions or concerns about our social media content need to be directed to gkramer

Finding Us

Fred B. Knife County Center 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 16th Floor Tampa, Florida 33602 Phone: (813) 272-5850 Robert L. Gilder Elections organization Center 2514 N. Falkenburg road Tampa, FL 33619 Phone: (813) 744-5900