Everyone knows that a 50 Cal is powerful, however just how an effective is it? In a ahead video, ns shot through a jaw tree through a 50 Cal round. Currently we space going come test different 50 BMG bullets and see if we can shoot through an oak tree! A jaw tree can be waterlogged, yet an oak tree is harder. So, simply how an effective is a 50 Cal?

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The first rounds that we are going to it is in using are the American Marksman 50 BMG M33 sphere ammunition v a complete Metal jacket (FMJ) 660-grain bullet. The M33 round ammo has a soft steel core and is primarily used because that training by the military. However, because of its steel core, this allows the 50 BMG come punch with some targets a lead main point bullet wouldn’t be able to go through. However, will certainly it go through an oak tree?

Then we relocate onto the Triple R Munitions hard brass 650 GR enhance ammo. In the previous test, the heavy brass bullets punched with the pine tree tree without any kind of issues. 

Next increase is the 50 BMG API (armor-piercing incendiary) 647 GR FMJ v a solid steel core. The solid steel main point of the API does part severe damages to steel plates. You can see that video clip here. 

For the cool finale, we shoot the M1 633 GR incendiary rounds. These space a little bit of a wild card due to the fact that I haven’t shot them before. 


Dustin is renowned for his affect in the firearms industry, operation a Youth Marksmanship Camp program and also directs a summer Christian children camp – Camp His Way. He became well recognized after winning peak Shot Season 3 on the background Channel.

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