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6 month to 6 FiguresThe lengthy overdue ”6 months to 6 Figures” is a breath of new air come the business man world, and is right here to shift our culture.No BS, No fluff, No scholastic Theories, and also No sugar Coating.

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simply real world, tactical, tough core strategies from gift in the trenches.

Peter Voogd, who labeled the leading authority because that Gen Y leadership reveals the specific strategies he’s supplied to walk from dead damaged to end 6 numbers within 6 month in many industries. Peter has actually trained end 4,000 Entrepreneurs and built an 8 million dollar sales organization by age 27.

If you’re among the select few who room serious around success, this book will readjust the video game for you. many Entrepreneurs struggle with inconsistent income, short productivity, and don’t have sufficient time in a day to get everything they desire done? Peter reflects you the fastest and also most reliable ways come maximize her income, acquire bigger things done in much less time, and helps you produce your right lifestyle.

We assure you this is only publication you’ll ever need to grow as one Entrepreneur. That will aid you create a quantum adjust in the results you gain in your an individual and skilled life. As I’m certain you room aware and have experienced, most human being just talk around success, great they had success, however never take it the necessary activity consistently to accomplish it. They spend year after year just trying to get by vs. Developing a compelling future. We want to lug you turn off the sidelines and also into the game. We desire you to enjoy greater levels the fulfillment, much more passion and energy, and also results very few attain. The time to protect against surviving, and also start thriving.

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Quentin Gardnerrated it
Powerful material, but needs to be deeper

Peter Voogd’s career work-related at together a young age is impressive. I can tell the 6 months to 6 figures was composed with good intent; but I would favor to see more depth.

Voogd mentions in his video clip segments, podcasts, and this book…how broke he was; or exactly how frustrated he remained in life, however never yes, really gets particular with things. The many “deep diving” that does is mention he to be “so broke that he couldn’t afford fast food” in ~ one point. I realize he’s setting the narrative, but I would’ve favored to review something that’s important gripping.

I execute like the values he bring to this publication though. I particularly like his summary of his “prizefighter” morning rountine. Over there are facets like routines (among other things) the I setup on incorporating in my life.

Overall, i do believe this is a book that can motivate civilization out of your funk and jump-start lock on the means to success. Most of the content of this book did seem choose it to be taken from assorted seminars, yet it is nice to read. Also most of the content was repeated at least three or much more times, which is understanding, due to the fact that repetition is a prominent foundation of learning.

All that being said, ns recommend everyone wanting come jump-start their resides in the ideal direction. If you want to live a way of living on your terms, then examine out 6 Month to 6 Figures.


Actually nice good, it’s usually a collection and also condensed variation of an individual development tactics from many sources and also schools the thought, and because the that might sound repetitive to those who already read the original sources. However, the people picked below are amongst the most efficient ones. I’d recommend this publication to anyone trying to find just that kind of condensed writing.

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I’d additionally say it’s a little overly self-promotional because that the author, and also doesn’t deliver depth as to how/why the given strategies function, so it will more than likely not be as useful to those curious regarding why something works.