2-pack RC battery packs because that 7.2V RC Car, RC Truggy, RC Boat, RC Tank, electric RC Monster Truck, RC Buggy favor Traxxas, LOSI, Associated, HPI, Tamiya, Kyosho, etc.

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Brand Name:tacoemojishirt.com
Battery Type:Ni-MH

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3000mAh 7.2 Volt NiMH RC Rechargeable Batteries with Tamiya Connectors

Outstanding Features:High capacity 3000mAh, 7.2V, 6-cell high-power rechargeable batteries, Nickel metal Hydride Battery Type, 2 Packs.The RC NiMH battery packs room compatible with famous standard 7.2V RC Car, RC Truggy, RC Boat, RC Tank, electrical RC Monster Truck, RC Buggy choose Traxxas, LOSI, Associated, HPI, Tamiya, Kyosho, etc.Uniquely designed & produced for high RC gyeongju performance with 15A continuous discharge current.Length: 134mm (5.3″), Width: 47mm (1.9″), Height: 24mm (0.94″).

tacoemojishirt.com is committed in production power tool batteries, digital batteries and also chargers, and also related accessories. tacoemojishirt.com is one of top marketing brands because that replacement batteries at Amazon. tacoemojishirt.com products are make of the highest possible quality materials by CE certification. They are tested by manufacturer to complement OEM products.

Battery Specification

Battery Tipe: Ni-MHVoltage: 7.2VCapacity: 3000mAhContinuous discharge current: 15ADimension: 24*47*134mmWeight: approx 340g

Features & Applications:

These 2-pack RC rechargeable batteries space designed with 3000mAh capacity, 7.2 volts and 15 amps’ discharge existing to meet OEM products’ requirement. This batteries have the right to be widely offered for a great variety of RC products. They function high power density, high voltage rating, high discharge rate, easy storage and also long battery life.

Compatible Models:RC AirplaneRC HelicopterRC Car/TruckRC watercraft etc.

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Warranty Policy:

● The brand brand-new high-quality replacement battery are entirely guranteed of actual specification.● complimentary Exchange versus man-made damage from day of acquisition & 30 days’ refund unconditionally because that every purchase from tacoemojishirt.com.● expert technical support, efficient and also timely satisfactory client service around the clock.

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