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MAY 17-19: explore Mars and National geographic Present: THE humans TO MARS SUMMIT!H2M is an annual Mars expedition conference that tacoemojishirt.comesses the major technical, scientific, and policy challenges that need to be overcome in order to send human beings to Mars by the 2030s. Speaker include: Dava Newman, Buzz Aldrin, Ellen Stofan, invoice Nye The science Guy, The main Miles O’Brien Page, Penelope Boston, Astronaut Abby, Joe Cassady, Artemis Westenberg, and many more!Student it is registered is $25! Register this particular day at: | #liveatlisner

MAY 24TH: politics & Prose Bookstore presents: john W. Hickenlooper in ~ Jack Morton Auditorium! The effective proprietor of a nationwide chain of brew pubs will certainly be talking around his candid, regularly funny memoir, the opposite of Woe, alongside stories of his life before and also after politics. He has actually served 2 terms as mayor of Denver and also now relocated on to become the branch of Colorado, wherein he has actually tackled problems including fracking, jail reform, and also capital punishment, and managing wild fires and also floods; a grasp at reconciling the opposite constituencies, Hickenlooper was called one that Esquire's “Americans the the Year” in 2012 and also is often mentioned as a future candidate for The White House.This occasion is part of The Newsmakers Series, a cooperation of politics & Prose and The George Washington University, the moves beyond the headlines to spark detailed conversations about modern-day issues.TICKETS top top sale:

Tickets are ON SALE because that The Birchmere presents: Joan Baez ~ above 10/16 at Lisner! watch this remarkable singer-songwriter, whose story & songs have tacoemojishirt.comessed the world's politics landscape over a expectations of 50 years live on October 16th.Tickets: | #liveatlisner

TONIGHT: The American Pops bring their stylish and musical 60s cocktail party, 'Make someone Happy' come DC! certification Erik Altemus (Broadway's Pippin), Nova Payton (Helen Hayes compensation winner for Hairspray), Nicholas Rodriguez (“One Life to Live” top top ABC-TV, Helen Hayes award winner), and also Hayley Travers (Children that Eden in ~ the Kennedy Center).Tickets top top sale: | #liveatlisner

TOMORROW: Opera Lafayette presents: Opera and also the French Revolution. With the French change raging in the streets, exactly how did the creative milieu that Paris react? Opera Lafayette explores operas that organized the phase in the 1790s and reflect the blatant emotions the the period. Tickets on sale: | #liveatlisner

MAY 3+4: friend don't desire to miss this year's 2016 POL national Finals through host and also GW Alum, Elizabeth Acevedo on may 3+4. Fifty-three state champion will confront off, after advancing from a field of much more than 317,000 rivals in every state; Washington, DC; Puerto Rico; & the U.S. Virgin Islands. They will certainly vie because that the title of Poetry the end Loud: nationwide Recitation contest National Champion and also a $20,000 prize. Hip-hop artist and also multi-instrumentalist Christylez Bacon will additionally be performing!This is a free event with nationwide Endowment because that the Arts:

We're therefore EXCITED for resources Funk's 9th annual Hip Hop Showcase: Funk Academy ~ above Saturday! one of the finest events in town and also it's right below on campus.Tickets top top sale: | #liveatlisner

Celebrate the life the #GWU's Dr. Ben Fritz through GW department of Music, GW Orchestra, & George Washington college Bands this evening at Lisner. It's sure to it is in a lovely evening of music.Tickets, v net proceeds will advantage the Benno Fritz Memorial Fund: | #liveatlisner

TONIGHT: Reggae, dub, flamenco, R&B, afrobeat, gospel & pop space all offered to explain Buika's eclectic musical style. Check out her live and performing songs from #VivirSinMiedo!Tickets ~ above sale: | #liveatlisner

Thank you for every the music & inspiration, #Prince