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Industrial building For Sale

Central High-cube facility. 2 Crane ways. Plenty of dock-high, drive-in options. Property available for entire occupancy June 2001, or 20,000 sf easily accessible with 30 job notice. Contact DAVID follow x2 (mobile); or STEPHEN PLAYTON .


repertoire Street cross Street web traffic Volume Year distance
Decatur St W nine Ave 4,603 2018 0.08 mi
Decatur St W ninth Ave 3,876 2013 0.08 mi
W 10th Ave Decatur St 3,396 2014 0.10 mi
W 10th Ave Clay Way 1,058 2014 0.12 mi
Federal Blvd W 10th Ave 39,247 2020 0.14 mi
Federal Blvd W 10th Ave 39,000 2017 0.15 mi
Federal Blvd W nine Ave 35,694 2020 0.15 mi
Federal Blvd W nine Ave 34,000 2016 0.16 mi
Federal Blvd W 9th Ave 35,904 2018 0.16 mi
W 11th Ave Bryant St 1,328 2018 0.17 mi


Transit/Subway drive walk street
Decatur/Federal Transit Stop 2 min 12 min 0.6 mi
Knox Transit Stop 4 min 17 min 0.9 mi
Airport journey walk distance
Denver international Airport 46 min 27.1 mi


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