Beasley: getting off Twitter felt favor a "weight lifted" (0:29)Cole Beasley explains his decision come deactivate his Twitter account. (0:29)


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley claimed Sunday that he decided to deactivate his Twitter account previously this month in component because it"s an excellent to "get ago to whereby I wanted to be" and that doing so is a "weight lifted."

Beasley"s society media write-ups became a subject of conversation over the past couple of months as he mutual his views and engaged in conversation, consisting of with teammates, regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and also other issues. That took down his account sometime around the team"s win over the Kansas City Chiefs in main 5, through Bills fans taking note after the game.

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Beasley, 32, said Sunday that he is currently "going to stay off ."

"When I very first got here, I acquired away indigenous , and then things happen," Beasley said after the Bills" 26-11 success over the Miami Dolphins. "And the worries that we have actually at hand, and I simply felt favor I needed to take duty for the guys that couldn"t.

"But it"s good for me come get earlier to whereby I want to be, and it"s not on there. The real people is the end here and also not there. Most civilization say things on there the you don"t want to hear. And also it"s definitely a weight lifted, and also I feel prefer I walk the right thing."

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Among his last pair of tweets were one providing to purchase tickets for fans in ~ away games after COVID vaccinations became required to attend games at Highmark Stadium and also another, simply days before deactivating his account, mentioning fans booing the at receipt games.

"Only placed I gain boo"d is in ~ our home stadium," Beasley wrote. "Then several of the same civilization want me to take pictures and also sign autographs. I assumed bills fans were the finest in the world? Where"d castle go? If the vaccine functions then why execute vaxxed human being need come be protected from unvaxxed? #letemin."

Bills fans regularly chant "Beasssss" as soon as the receiver catches a pass.

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"Whether some are booing or some room saying, "Beas," the still felt great playing and also they to be loud," Beasley stated Sunday the the crowd. "So, I delighted in it either way."

The broad receiver had actually his best game the the year in the success over the Dolphins through his an initial 100-plus-yard performance. The finished v a team-high 10 catches for 110 yards. Eight that those receptions come in the second half as the Bills" violation took off, scoring 23 points.