This development is a contradiction to the headline and also what i am walk to communicate in the body of this piece, yet it is true “routine builds character”.

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Before going “pro” I had actually to grasp routine, ns knew what I had to do each day to classify myself together a job PR consultant, a writer and a runner in my an individual life, I had actually to sketch a regimen that make time for each of these three activities, my part was to avail myself and put in effort whenever the moment to practise every craft came.

This assumed me discipline and also ultimately led me to master routine which ultimately helped me take component in these activities without putting too lot thought into them due to the fact that they were somewhat ingrained in mine system.

This to be extremely useful but particularly to those domain names of expertise, that wasn’t until I had to urgently perform something external of my domain of expertise did ns realise, how rigid and tied in regime I was, if ns didn’t acquire my cup that coffee prior to sitting down to write, the entire process would be affected negatively, not because of the benefits and also super creative powers the I obtained from the caffeine, this merely happened since my routine had actually been compromised.

Because the world needs united state to be liquid in our nature, not neglecting our areas of expertise yet to be open up to what the what the people presents and being same flexible enough to relocate according to its demands.


Discomfort forms us,

In life we all soon discover as lot as we desire comfort and luxury, this aren’t the things that shape us, in life its it’s the tough knocks, the discomforts and challenges, that shape us.

To become the finest versions of oneself we must take on brand-new experiences since they release dopamine in our brains and also create new neurons and natural connections. The more daunting the suffer the better.

I had actually to repeat myself of several of the most challenging obstacles I’ve challenged in life and also how those have shaped me to come to be the work in development I to be today, before being may be to operation over 21KM’s at one go I very first forced myself to try and complete 5KM’s the was my objective, ns was just able come stretch my capacity by pushing beyond the suggest I was at this time comfortable with, its basic with to run or a physical challenge because you can measure it.

In life yet the difficulties are different and also they spring up top top us and we aren’t always ready however our past experiences make us ready, so discover something that is difficult and noble come you and also work in the direction of becoming great at it until you gain to a point that satisfies you and also move top top the following thing.



Master the some, student of all

I’ve had actually to adopt this philosophy to keep my curious brain stimulated and to have some sanity. Ns am very curious and there is very little about the world and an especially people i don’t great to understand, due to the fact that my interests room so large in order to make a living I had actually to carve the end an area of field of expertise where I would devote my life and skills to but that does no for a 2nd cancel the end all my other interests.

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The decision is and also was simple, come live a complete life ns would constantly stray far from my lull zone, working an ext towards gift a polymath than an experienced at one craft. I have separated my life as a consultant and writer even though they intertwine simply since I am much more advanced in one profession than the other and to store my mental childlike, I had to expropriate that ns am professional in one domain and a college student in another, which means one provides me room come explore, learn, make mistakes and have fun and the various other requires me to provide — this is my course to mastering some and learning all.