This is a overview to the Shrine Quest, A see of a Stable, in Legend the Zelda: Breath the the Wild. Below you can uncover the pursuit walkthrough, wherein to begin A landscape of a Stable and also all pursuit rewards.

How to begin A landscape of a Stable

A landscape of a secure Location

search Giver place
Foothill Stable

A landscape of a stable Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk Mayro
Search for the Shrine
Talk Mayro
Head within the Foothill Stable and talk to Mayro. He will tell you around the painting and that will certainly be the start of the quest.

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Search for the Shrine


Search for the Shrine
Go southwest the Foothill Stable and also look because that the shrine. Choose \"Shrine\" in your Sheikah Sensor, therefore you have the right to know if you\"re near a shrine. As soon as you uncovered the shrine, activate it, and also you will clear the quest.

Get to the location in the Painting(Optional)
Optional: You can search for the precise location in the painting to find for the shrine.

A see of a Stable quest Rewards

You have the right to unlock the Tah Muhl shrine because that clearing the quest.

Adventure log Entries

This is a full list that the Adventure log entries for A landscape of a Stable.

entry Entry text
Quest Start The landscape painting hanging ~ above the wall surface of the Foothill stable was painted through the stable\"s owner, Ozunda, who paints as a hobby.You deserve to make out details of the see such together a volcano and stable. Few of this appears familiar...
Quest Clear There is a landscape paint adorning the wall of the Foothill Stable.You\"ve discovered the shrine covert in the painting!

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