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Blake, William, 1757-1827 engraver.

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Stedman, john Gabriel, 1744-1797 artist.
A black hung alive by the ribs to a gallows / Blake sculpt.
London: released by J. Johnson, St. Paul"s Church Yard
Dec. 1, 1792
1 print: engraving; picture 18 x 13 cm. (7.25 x 5.25 in)
Engraving was done after among John Gabriel Stedman"s very own drawings; the illustrates an event that that learned of throughout his travel in Surinam. According to Stedman, a "decent looking man" explained to him, "Not long ago, . . . I saw a black male suspended lively from a gallows, by the ribs, in between which, with a knife, was an initial made one incision, and also then clinched an stole hook v a chain; in this way he preserved alive 3 days, hanging through his head and feet downwards, and also catching through his tongue the drops of water (it gift the merganser season) that were flowing down his bloated breast." (vol. 1, p. 109)
Stedman, john Gabriel, 1744-1797. Narrative, of a 5 year"s expedition, versus the revolted Negroes that Surinam. London: published for J. Johnson, St. Paul"s Church Yard, & J. Edwards, Pall Mall, 1796.
Plate XI in man Gabriel Stedman"s Narrative, the a 5 year"s expedition, against the revolted Negroes the Surinam, in Guiana, on the wild shore of south America; native the year 1772 to 1777 (London: printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul"s Church Yard, & J. Edwards, Pall Mall, 1796), vol. 1, p. 110.
Fels Afro-Americana image Project, punishment Scenes.
Slaves -- punishment & torture -- Suriname.
Suriname -- pictorial works -- 18th century.
Engravings -- 1790-1800.
Book illustrations -- 1790-1800.

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Library company of Philadelphia| books & various other Texts | rarely | am 1796 Sted 755.Q v 1 p 110


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