Meditation 1338 Theodore Roosevelt and the Bible

by: man Tyrrell

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This week, Patheos published a quotation on facebook attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, which then got a fair bit of circulation about the assorted Christian communities.

“A thorough knowledge of the scriptures is worth an ext than a university education.”

It"s a quite silly statement, comes from a graduate that Harvard - but it could indicate something around the high quality of a Harvard education in 1880. Or it might allude to the high quality of the house schooling Roosevelt received prior to attending Harvard.

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I tried to uncover the source of this quotation to placed it right into context. But, I might not find a major source. The faster attribution I could find was the 1941 book, Stepping Stones: The Complete holy bible Narratives by man Thomas Clark.

This might lead one to doubt that it to be an developed quotation. However, the is in character. Roosevelt to be deeply spiritual and typically used biblical quotations and allusions in his speeches and also writings.

One astounding anecdote* i encountered if trying to resource the quotation was as follows:

On June 2, 1902, during the elevation of very tense diplomatic showdown through Britain and also Germany over your forcible recovery of debt business in Venezuela, several key military advisors were summoned to the White House.

Upon start Roosevelt’s office they discovered him pouring over a well worn Bible and an exhaustive concordance. After a long and uncomfortable silence throughout which the president failed to recognize their presence, one of the generals clearing his throat and addressed the good man: “You asked for us, sir?”

Without looking increase from the books prior to him the chairman responded, “Well don’t just stand there, men. I require help. I can’t mental why I hold to the Monroe Doctrine. I know that it’s acquired to it is in in right here somewhere.”

Still not rather comprehending what the was that he wanted them come do, the men moved toward his desk whereupon the chairman handed each of them a holy bible of there very own to peruse.

“Get come work, men,” he told them. “I can not act without warrant. I can’t pronounce without precedence of precept.”

Looking in the bible to recognize why he sustained the Monroe Doctrine???!!! looking in the bible for a precedent for applying the Monroe Doctrine???!!! that would have actually done far better to have actually taken a course or two in American background in university.

If true, this anecdote illustrates just just how wrong the idea is the a thoroughly knowledge** that the scriptures is superior to a university education.


*The Theodore Roosevelt facility website makes no point out of this tale in its discussion of the Venezuela blame Crisis. Maybe the anecdote is invented. Maybe the Theodore Roosevelt center chose not to incorporate it. It should be noted, however, the closeup of the door quotation - “I can not act there is no warrant. Ns can’t express without precedence the precept” - is likewise widely attributed come Roosevelt.***

** I"d initially intended this article to indicate that a thorough knowledge that the bible would require an education, officially or informal, much greater 보다 that listed by any type of college education. In the sense, the quotation may be true. However, there are very few people - even amongst those through doctorates in theology - who can legitimately case such a thorough knowledge of the bible. In any type of event, that version of the post did not acquire written - it looked like simply too lot work to identify all the areas of study forced so as to obtain a genuinely thorough understanding of the bible.

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*** subsequent to all the above, I found the anecdote originally comes from Carry a big Stick: The uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt by George Grant. George give is "an evangelical educator."

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