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Man detained on apprehension of DWI ~ crash phibìc of downtown, police say

A guy in his 30s to be detained on suspicion of DWI following a crash north of downtown beforehand Wednesday morning, mountain Antonio police said.

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Man pull on in costume and also swinging object on road fatally to win by car, SAPD says

A man was fatally win by a car on Tuesday morning on the Northeast Side. Police said he to be wearing a Fred Flintstone costume and also was wade in traffic.

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Castle Hills police adding traffic enforcement officer come crack down on speeding

The castle Hills Police room is hope to to fill a traffic enforcement officer position in response to number of calls of raised speeding in the city.

Road work-related will greet motorists on Loop 410 this weekend

Another significant closure ~ above Loop 410 on the West Side will greet chauffeurs this weekend.

Sharp rise in website traffic fatalities in 2020 prompts commonwealth ‘crisis’ response

Texas and also the mountain Antonio an ar will obtain a special focus from federal officials together they seek to minimize a growing variety of traffic fatalities.

Westbound lanes of Highway 90 in Uvalde reopen after major crash

The westbound lanes the Highway 90 space closed as of 5 p.m. On Friday.

Alamo Area MPO desires public’s thoughts on future the transportation

As the Alamo Area urban Planning organization works to number out the region’s long-term transportation concerns over the following 30 years, it desires to know how the public feels around those technologies and others.

‘Thank friend for conserving my life’: Man almost killed in motorcycle crash in search of great Samaritan who conserved him

A mountain Antonio guy is hoping to with the good Samaritan responsible for saving his life in a motorcycle crash ago in September.

Proposition 2 would allow counties come use new tool for transport funding

Prop 2's supporters say it’s a means for Texas counties come fund an important transportation improvements, if opponents case it’s just a tax increase by an additional name.

Loop 410 lane closures will certainly prompt detours because that drivers

Drivers on the West side will need to navigate about a significant closure on Loop 410

Push for safe driving amongst teens a year-round effort, college leaders say

Educators and also transportation officials throughout the nation have invested this week dispersing the message around safe driving during National teen Driver security Week.

Fast growth in Guadalupe county prompts an ext cooperation to manage congestion

Guadalupe County flourished by an ext than 30% end the past decade, according to the 2020 Census. That expansion is resulting in a adjust in exactly how county leader are managing road construction.

Driver on the operation after crashing vehicle into southern Side home, police say

San Antonio police are searching for a driver that crashed their vehicle into the former of a home at an early stage Wednesday morning.

Proposed san Antonio ordinance would target spectators of illegal street races

The mountain Antonio City Council will soon consider a brand-new ordinance that add penalties for spectators that illegal street gyeongju events.

Police investigating reason of crash in Helotes that injured 3

A automobile crash in Helotes left three world with serious injuries and also hundreds without electrical energy temporarily.

Pothole repairs under from vault year due to COVID-19 and also winter freeze

The Public works Department witnessed a lower variety of pothole repairs as result of COVID-19, the winter freeze, and also a emboldened in 3-1-1 calls.

3 seriously hurt in much Northwest side rollover that brought about power outage

A rollover crash top top the much Northwest next left three human being injured and also hundreds of world without power Tuesday morning.

Bridge demolition on I-35 in Comal County causing some detours for drivers

Improvements top top I-35 in Comal ar mean an ext lane closures because that drivers.

New web traffic signals aim to make san Antonio intersections safer

New web traffic signals space coming to several intersections in san Antonio. World who live and work surrounding hope the changes will enhance traffic flow and safety.

Woman crashes vehicle into parked car, pillar and also patio of eastern Side home, police say

A mrs in she 30s top top her means to job-related crashed her vehicle into both a parked car and also a house, san Antonio police said Thursday.

Woman rescued from auto after driving right into high water

San Antonio firefighters had to rescue a woman who came to be stuck after ~ driving right into high water early Thursday morning.

First breeze of 2022 shortcut program heavy on basics: streets, sidewalks, bridges, drainage

The first version of mountain Antonio’s document $1.2 billion 2022 bond program contains huge investments on basic infrastructure, money to build out the city’s greenway trails system, and also an allotment because that a brand-new area - housing.

Hitchhiker, 16, eliminated after getting recorded under 18-wheeler’s tires follow me I-35, Schertz police say

A 16-year-old young was hit and killed by a automobile near the accessibility road of federal government 35 so late Tuesday night, Schertz police said.

Driver hospitalized after crashing 18-wheeler on us 281; lanes reopened

The southbound lanes that U.S. Highway 281 in ~ Hildebrand room closed Monday morning as result of an 18-wheeler crash.

Pair in SUV extracted by firefighters after crash v 18-wheeler

Two people in a sport utility vehicle had come be extracted by firefighters adhering to a crash v an 18-wheeler beforehand Monday morning, mountain Antonio police said.

Road work-related on east Side will certainly prompt some detours for chauffeurs this weekend

Drivers ~ above Loop 410 on the eastern Side will have to deal with some roadway closures and detours this weekend

Mother raises awareness around dangers of street gyeongju after daughter’s death

A mountain Antonio indigenous returned come Texas this week come raise awareness about the reason of she daughter’s death: street racing.

Crashes including pedestrians ~ above the climb in Texas

The variety of crashes entailing pedestrians continue to rise, yet TxDOT really hopes to lug the number down to zero.

New Braunfels grapples through congestion as human being flock come the area

New Braunfels’ explosive expansion over the past two decades has lugged a lot of new opportunities and additionally some challenges. Those incorporate traffic and also congestion, side impacts of expansion that city officials space trying come manage.

Woman escapes significant injury when vehicle crash sends debris flying at her

A woman was fight by paris debris native a vehicle crash. The driver the the vehicle suffered more serious injuries, however police say he have to survive.

Driver extract from auto after crashing right into South Side utility pole, police say

A male driver had actually be cut from indigenous their automobile after they crashed into a utility pole ~ above the city’s southern Side beforehand Tuesday morning, san Antonio police said.

SAPD: Sleepy driver clips 18-wheeler, rolls car over prior to it burst right into flames ~ above I-35 on Northeast Side

A woman who dropped asleep in ~ the wheel on interstate 35 clipped the back of an 18-wheeler, bring about her automobile to roll over and burst into flames.

San Antonio motorists will need to navigate around roadwork in the comes days

Some major road job-related in the region will reason some closures in the upcoming days.

TxDOT proposes Loop 1604 expansion in east Bexar County

The Texas department of transport is collecting publicly input ~ above a proposal to broaden Loop 1604 indigenous FM 78 come I-10 in Bexar County.

UPDATE: Lanes at Finesilver Curve reopen after box trailer rollover crash

A huge box trailer rollover crash has actually been reported on I-35 southbound at federal government 10 early Friday morning.

Man killed in crash brought about by street racing on Northwest Side, 2 vehicle drivers charged, police say

What san Antonio police suspect was a late-night street race has actually sent two world to a hospital with major injuries.

COSA transport department functioning to make mountain Antonio a an ext walking and cycling-friendly city

The mountain Antonio City board of directors recently embraced a record $3.1 billion budget and an ext than $13 million has been allocated to the new transportation department.

Southbound lanes of federal government 35 near Loop 410 reopen after large rig rollover on south Side

The southbound lanes of federal government 35 near Loop 410 on the south Side room closed Wednesday morning as result of a wreck.

tacoemojishirt.com Explains: what’s driving 1604 & I-35 expansion?

In this illustration of tacoemojishirt.com Explains, we take a look in ~ the plans to ease web traffic on Loop 1604 and also Interstate 35, and also why they’re gift met with pushback.

$3.6 million project brings safety enhancements along Highway 16 corridor

Local leader hope transforms along the Highway 16 corridor will create safer conditions for pedestrians and also drivers.

SAPD: male extracted from car after three-vehicle crash on Highway 90

One person was hospitalized and also another to be detained complying with a three-vehicle crash top top the city’s south Side so late Monday night, san Antonio police said.

Pregnant woman hospitalized after car crash on north Side, police say

A pregnant woman was required to an area hospital complying with a automobile crash top top the city’s phibìc Side late Monday night, san Antonio police said.

VIA plans business changes to address staffing shortages

VIA has been aiming to rise frequency top top its courses to do service more reliable. However the COVID-19 pandemic is bring about those plans come hit a bump in the road.

Ramp and lane closures will affect San Antonio drivers this weekend

Some major road work in the an ar will cause some closures in the upcoming days.

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Balcones Heights seeks to improve pedestrian safety

The Crossroads area in Balcones Heights is home to purchase centers, clinical offices and a major transit hub. However officials say accessing those services deserve to be difficult, even dangerous, if you a pedestrian.

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