The SIER hierarchy of active Listening lays out 4 steps required for effective energetic listening. First, you should Sense what is being communicated, climate you must translate it with your expertise of context, then you have to Evaluate it prior to lastly you deserve to Respond come it.

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Summary through The people of work-related Project

The importance of Listening

Listening is a hugely necessary skill in the human being of work. It’s a key part of reliable communication. Every too often we emphasis on moving messages, and also fail to yes, really listen come others. Come be much better leaders, managers and also colleagues, we must get far better at listening to others.

SIER power structure of active Listening

The SIER power structure of energetic listening details four crucial stages compelled for efficient listening. As with all models connected with active listening, its function is to assist the listener it is in a better, more effective listener that really hears what is being said, connects v the individual with whom they room communicating and also builds efficient relationships.


The model is a ordered model an interpretation that each stage builds ~ above the stage prior to it. While the version is periodically used for training in the sales arena, the is beneficial in every walks that life. The stages of the design are: Sensing, Interpreting, analyzing and Responding.

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The very first stage that The SIER hierarchy of energetic Listening procedure is to use your physics senses come receive whatever is being communicated.

As this stage you need to hear what is gift said, check out the human body language the the human you’re connecting with, hear for tone of voice and also observe any other non-verbal cues you can.

You have the right to learn a lot of from human body language.

It’s crucial to concentrate and focus at this phase to ensure friend collect together much valuable information together possible. Many human being fail to be mindful and really existing when interacting with others, so miss many spoken and unspoken message at this stage.

You can improve her sensing v practice. Make eye contact, adopting open up body language, being considerate and receptive and also leaving pauses in conversation will all aid the human you’re communicating with totally communicate what they need to say, meaning there is an ext information you can sense. Though no technically “sensing” asking valuable questions may likewise be valuable at this stage.


The second stage the the SIER hierarchy of energetic Listening is to interpret the information you’ve sensed in stage 1.

When you’re interpreting what you’ve sensed, you could want to take into consideration questions like: What is the context that the conversation is ensuing in? What space the overarching trends of behavior? What are the rules of connecting in the culture you’re operating within?

It’s necessary at this stage to really align her thoughts with the human being you’re connecting with. It’s also important come wait because that the person you’re connecting with to end up their message before starting to translate it. You don’t desire to kind your opinions too quickly because. If girlfriend do, you’ll be less efficient at sensing brand-new information in the remainder that the conversation.

To yes, really interpret, you must see past the words civilization use.

Your whole goal in this phase is to ensure that you’re expertise of the messages really aligns come the sender’s meaning.

You deserve to improve your ability to analyze by focusing on the all at once social and also political context within which you space operating, and by acquiring to understand the people you are connecting with.


The 3rd stage the the SIER hierarchy of active Listening is to evaluate the messages did you do it received and also interpreted.

Let the human being you’re speak to end up what they are saying before evaluating it.

Again, that hugely important to wait until the human being you are communicating with has actually finished your message prior to forming an opinion on any type of of the content.

In plenty of instances what wake up in conversations is the as soon as one human decides they disagree v something being stated (by evaluating it), castle switch turn off from the remainder the the conversation or start to discuss that certain point. They don’t allow the human being they space speaking through to finish their statement. This is counterproductive for efficient listening and relationship building.

Evaluation can be enhanced through practice, and through mindfully searching for areas of attention in the communication, as opposed to areas of disagreement.


The last stage of the SIER pecking order of active Listening is come respond come the messages you’ve sensed, interpreted and also evaluated.

By this stage you should have a clear check out of what the human being you’re connecting with has been aiming to communicate. Friend now need to respond to them. Your responses will certainly take the type of both verbal and non-verbal communications.

It’s vital to remember the your communications earlier to them at this stage have actually multiple purposes. Your aim is to relocate the conversation forward, display them the you’ve understood and interpreted what they’ve said and demonstrate the you’ve connected with the emotionally sub-text the what they’ve communicated.

It’s feasible to get far better at responding v practice. Questioning is a powerful tool in this stage, together is playing earlier what you’ve heard in the exact same language used by the human you’re connecting with. You may additionally aim to physically mirror them, nod and administer verbal assurances (e.g. “yes”, “ok”, “I see”) throughout your conversations.

Responses have the right to be verbal or v things favor physical mirroring.

Listening helps construct connection, trust and relationships. When human being feel listened to and also really heard they feeling understood, i beg your pardon is a hugely powerful social feeling. In fact, society belonging is just one of the vital human needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs, critical content theory of human being motivation.

Of course, hearne is around much an ext than simply words. Together Mehrabian’s design shows, tone and also body language are hugely important.

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There space many good models the listening that we have actually yet, despite we’ve just written around a few including the six facets of reliable listening.

The SIER power structure of active Listening is a helpful theoretical design to be mindful of in the workplace. We an especially like the reality that it calls the end the need to be mindful of what the world you are connecting with are saying and to be mindful of the paper definition you are operating with. All too frequently as human beings we gyeongju to convey our views, there is no taking the time to listen to what others need to say, and also this model motivates us no to do this.

Overall we favor what the version is trying come do, however we think it’s a bit difficult to use “in the moment” without practice. We totally recommend that people seek to boost their listening an abilities as well together their sensing / observation skills. We also consider questioning skills vital capability for people to seek to improve as these also can considerably increase your capability to proactively listen.