Until Quinrose close up door down, my blog was pretty lot a shrine to the Alice series, so i made a list oftranslatedAlice stuff (and game CG/sprites as bonus) me and my peeps have operated on, as well as other helpful fandom things :D many of these are projects I to be a part of, but some room unrelated come me together well. You can constantly just go throughmy short articles with the ‘heart no kuni no alice’ tagfor whatever I’ve post /reblogged around the series, yet massive the list could be XD.

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Update:The heart no Kuni no Alice collection is obtaining picked earlier up by Otomate v a brand-new branding they show up to be calling “Quinrose Reborn”. Fujimaru will certainly be earlier as the illustrator too.Two upcoming gamings have to be confirmed: Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful black World~ and also Spade no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful White World~


Most of the games are only easily accessible in Japanese, so much only the first game in the Alice series, heart no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Wonder World~ received an main English translation for iOS and Android.It’s based on the critical Heart no Kuni no Alice PSP work again, please again (with revamped fujimaru art), andyou can download it from iTunes or Google Play! girlfriend pay for the full routes, yet you gain to have the very first chapter and also prologue for free! Every character costs $7 ($5 there is no voices), and also a set of all characters costs 38$ ($25 there is no voices). I indicate you acquire the whole beautiful package!EDIT: The app is no longer available after Quinrose went bankrupt.However, Anniversary no Kuni no Alice (the computer remake the Heart) has a English patch, friend can uncover ithere.

Spade no Kuni no Alice

Websiteofficial Twitter

Game Walkthroughs

Anniversary no Kuni no Alice (English):

Included v the patchhere.

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Alice in the heart (English): NO longer AVAILABLE

English walkthoughs:

BloodElliotAceJuliusPeterBy myfrozensanctuaryBy plookaVivaldiBorisGowlandBy themadpuppy85By ladyzainTweedle Dee and also Tweedle DumBy themadpuppy85By plookaTruth End

Japanese Walkthrough:

Route list(all characters, only ‘Home’ paths are applicable for the app)

Game CG/BG/music:

(Joker Clover and Anniversary have actually pretty lot the very same sprites, therefore I included the Joker ones wherein every character is present.)

Text from every the PSP Alice games emulated ~ above PPSSPP emulator deserve to be hooked and also used with an equipment translation. Because that details please examine the Tutorials page.

Game script in Japanese (for all thePSPgames except twin world)

Alice collection music masterlist

Listening online

Game save files

Clover no Kuni no Alice remake

Omochabako no Kuni no Alice



Manga localization issues

What the trouble is with 7 Seas(the write-up gets much more intense in the last part XD)How they space disrespecting original authors

List the conversation with seven SeasSeven Seas’ claim

Manga scanalations and also other stuff:

1)Full-length Manga:

By country OF CLOCKS and also MAD hatter SCANS:

Alice Love Fables ~Rose Petit Coeur~(Blood/Alice main part finished,other pairing oneshots dropped)Black Lizard bitterness Taste(Gray/Alice)Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Toeki Usagi come Gogo no Koucha wo~(Peter/Alice)Clover no Kuni no Alice -Heart no Kishi- (Ace/Alice)Clover no Kuni no Alice -Sangatsu Usagi no Kakumei- (Elliot/Alice) -Finished


Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ Fanbook(The Mansion Gardens- Blood/Alice)Shinsouban heart no Kuni no Alice Visual pan Book(Nightmare/Alice)Shinsouban Clover no Kuni no Alice deluxe edition Booklet (Nightmare’s Story- Nightmare/Alice,Pierce’s Story- Pierce/Alice)Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful pair World~ deluxe edition Booklet (Mad Twins’Story- foolish Eggs/Alice)Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful twin World~ Fanbook(Julius/Alice)Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful wonderful World~ Fanbook(Voiceless Call- Peter/Alice)Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ work again, please again Fanbook(Gray/Alice)Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ Theatrical variation Anthology(Black or White-Slight Joker/Alice,Elliot Story-Elliot/Alice,Julius story- Julius/Alice,Shall we die- Ace/Alice,Twins story- Twins/Alice)Diamond no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Wonder World~ Anthology(Chap 1- Blood/Alice, Chap 2- Sidney/Alice, Chap 3- Jericho/Alice, Chap 4- Elliot/Alice, Chap 5- Bloody Twins/Alice)Diamond no Kuni no Alice~Wonderful Wonder World~ overview Book(Black Rabbit- Sidney/Alice)Short Nightmare/Alice comicfrom QR site on Alice series’ 7th anniversaryOmochabako no Kuni no Alice - Joker Story(Black Joker/Alice)BlackxGold anthology(That i m sorry Can’t be Said- Gray/Alice,Before One Knows- Blood/Alice,The youngsters Complain- Twins/Alice)WhitexSilver anthology(A difficult thing- Blood/Alice)Expectation is better Than present Anthology(Nightmare/Alice)Easier stated Than done anthology (Falling Flower- Ace/Alice)Rosary Anthology -Ace story- (Ace/Alice)Toybox no Kuni no Alice luxurious Edition Comic(Elliot/Alice)Gluttony Kills more Than the knife Anthology (How come Get- Blood/Alice,Scent the Memories- Gray/Alice)Tastes different Anthology (Fated Encounters- Peter/Alice,Blood Story-Blood/Alice)Love is blind Anthology (Be your Last- Vivaldi/Alice)Live and also Let Live anthology (The Usual daily Life through the Queen- Vivaldi/Alice,Twinkle Twinkle- Blood/Alice)Excess sugar anthology (Sweets Sweets- Twins/Alice,Time border Valentine- Blood/Alice)Divided Equally chocolate anthology (Beware that Valentine’s!- Blood/Alice)Hard to End(Blood/Alice)Alice in the country of Diamonds an equipment Tokuten(Sidney/Alice)Alice in the country of hearts Remake device Tokuten(Ace/Alice)Alice in the country of understanding Theatrical version Booklet (Stray Sheep- Blood/Alice)


Hard to End(Blood/Alice, R18)Alice in Blue (No pairing)

Available in MHS archives:Poromeria,Snow Crystal,The reason I to be in This World(Gray/Alice)Air Pocket(Gray/Alice, R18)Dream’s a Dream (Blood/Alice)Happiness! (Julius/Alice)Love is Blue, Level 5 (Nightmare/Alice)Flower(Peter/Alice)Mini Mini!(Cuteness, no pairing)J Scramble ADoujinshi(Julius/Alice+Ace/Alice)

Other groups:

3)4-koma project:


(imgur album through all HQ complete strips)

Movie 4 koma

One page from Mirror civilization 4 koma

4)Manga snippets and also individual comic strips:

Movie 4 koma featuring all characters

Cuddly rabbit Elliot

Meaning that ‘like’Being niceAlice’s epic denial skills(Pairing establish moment in Joker no Kuni no Alice)SekuharaGarden scene 1Garden step 2Peter and also Blood catfightTwins GraffitiJoker and Nightmare showdownFanservice “If Alice to be Small!”part1part2JnK arbitrarily pages1234

Julius’s coffeeBunny Blood?Ace interviewSidney interview

Lovers or Liar Epilogue ComicKoisuru Ibara no Meikyuu end

Who will certainly you autumn in love with?Is our protagonist cute?The arts of observation, march hare styleWhat would make her happy?Alice wrecking a poor guy’s hopeNo nursing for you

Harroe Joker Shrine:Small Alice’s prison adventuresQuinRoseBox July Comic same Drama CD coverFront and back cover that Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Mahiru ni Miru Yume~Front and ago cover that Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Yoake Mae ni Miru Yume~Fighting scene from Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Mayonaka ni Ochiru Yume~Cute black color Joker scene from Joker no Kuni no Alice ~Mayonaka ni Ochiru Yume~Nursing~Why Joker/Joker have the right to be problematicWho is scarier?A tiny skinshipYETJoker’s CookingFriendzoning NightmareSpecial seat because that Alice

Little punksSome 4-komas interpreted by OujochanDaiya no Kuni no Alice intro comic native QR’s websiteShort Peter vs. Sidney comicfrom QR site on Alice series’ 7th anniversary

A shocking plot twistPoor Peter’s cheeksPoor bunbuns’ earsMummy GrayAlice’s rigid 12Love or hate?Snuggle time

Vanilladrops’s translations


Character tweets translation blog

Musical download

Musical subs download

Translated Videos (with subtitles)

Translated Drama CDs

Summaries and also Reviews


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