Fun fact about this visit come Katrina: I had just obtained awful news native work; that they were downsizing and also were going come demote and transfer me to a various location, which ns did not desire to do at all.

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Katrina's post to me was that to avoid the bad fortune native befalling me, I needed to stay a lengthy sleeve shirt. Clear in-game, however I to be so catatonic and depressed around what was happening the the next day I determined to undertake my long sleeved uniform come work also though the wasn't specifically cold that day.

Lo and behold, I gained an interview to a (hopefully) an excellent new job, i m sorry is tomorrow.

Katrina, FTW.

I'm glad points turned the end well because that you.

I to speak this quote sometimes to human being who seem like they're in a poor mood. Commonly they crack a smile, and also one time I uncovered a fellow pet Crossing player.

In the German translation, she claims : "And remember...Bad happy is simply luck, that isn't present".

Thought you might wanna know...

I've been having actually some problems lately and also I've been reasoning the exact same thing when I walk to see her. Periodically that's the only reason I spend the bells!

I've been wanting to cross-stitch her quote for a while now. I think it'd be a cool point to cave up by her front door and also walk by everyday.

I loved the quote! ~ a few moments I believed "Wait is this supposed to it is in a joke?" also if that is, it's tho nice come think about.

Exactly! I mean its apparent that negative times are simply times that room bad and also its type of funny due to the fact that its favor saying "yellow ducks are just ducks that room yellow" however it breaks it under to what it yes, really is, and also makes that seem prefer the "bad" point isn't the big deal you worked it as much as be, type of puts things right into perspective.

That's really aided me actually, many thanks for posting this :) little of a poor week: an initial I drop mine 3ds in water and also break it, then my guinea pig passes away :'(

It's the small details around animal crossing that constantly keeps me going back to the game. Great luck with the interview!

It's concerned a many Eastern philosophy. Specifically Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Component of gaining more insight to her life (and mastering it) comes from detaching your identification and/or ego native the situations of her life. Her body, the events that occur in her life, and also your thoughts space not actually that you are, however rather manifestations that you have limited control over. Your essence is all the matters.

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So in effect: negative times really are just times that space bad. Your life or who friend are do not become bad. And it's a pain to really grok the lesson. It's hard to detach yourself from the physics manifestation the you and also your life.

(Sorry, just had actually to litter this in due to the fact that Eastern approach is cool and also is likely where Katrina's quote come from)


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