If you usage Android smart devices, make sure the Android systemis over 4.0. If you use Apple smart devices, make certain the iOS system is above 6.0.

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For Android devices, find "tacoemojishirt.com" in Google Play and install the application named "NEO". For iOS devices, search "tacoemojishirt.com" in application Store and also install the app named "NEO".
a) Make certain the"AP isolation" role is deactivated on her router.b) The router is 2.4G802.11 b/g/n supported.c) Make sure no extra log in web page is forced on web browser after your maker is connected to Wi-Fi.
a) Make certain the Wi-Fi indicator is rapid flashing after the on/off switch on the machine is long pressed, and then start the configuration process.b) Make sure your phone is connected to your router"s 2.4G network.c) examine whether the Wi-Fi indicator beginning flashing progressively after you push "connect" on clever devices: if the does, the configuration procedure has been activated and also the an equipment is make the efforts to connect to the router; if the Wi-Fi indicator keeps quick flashing and also does not enter the state of slow flashing, climate the configuration is not activated.d) If the Wi-Fi indicator keeps slow flashing, till the application shows "connection to internet failed" : a. Press the on/off button for much more than 5 seconds until the Wi-Fi indicator start to flash quickly. This restores manufacturing facility settings. B. If the concern still exists, examine whether your phone is connected to the router properly. Girlfriend may try to open up a net page or other application on your smart an equipment to make certain your phone is digital normally. C. Check the box of "show the password" on the configuration page and also make sure the password is exactly for her Wi-Fi network (wrong password is a really common issue). D. Make certain there room not too numerous devices associated to her router in ~ the same time. You might temporarily rotate off some various other devices connected to the router and turn them ago on again after the construction is complete. e.Router wireless network mode
No. You should connect your phone call to your 2.4G network on your router. NEO will certainly only occupational on 2.4G. This additionally applies to every other residence automation productsfrom other companies.
You need to use 2.4G. 2.4G and 5G are the wireless radio frequencies the routers. A router that has actually both 2.4G and 5G is called dual-band router. If you have actually a dual-band router, you need to check and make certain your phone is associated to 2.4G network because that configuration.
It different by routers. Normally you will find the setups in wireless -> radio -> band. For Apple routers, 2.4G is in ~ the default Wireless page, and also 5G is at Wireless -> Wireless Network Options.
If NEO failed come configure aftertrying all over steps in question 4, you may need a difficult reboot:a) Unplug NEO native the power socket and also plug it back in again; then lengthy press the on/off buttonuntil the Wi-Fi indicator start to flash quickly. B) Switch turn off router and also turn it ago on.If the connection still fails, use various other routers or use yourmobile phone as Wi-Fi hotspot to try again.
Other people have to recognize the password to accessibility yourWi-Fi network. Also, NEO a Visible/Invisible button to make it "invisible" to other people. You might use this function at the setup stage. As soon as the an equipment is connected to her Wi-Fi network, a peak level encryption isused to ensure device’s safe connection to the Internet.
If girlfriend click the Visible/Invisible button and collection it together "Invisible" throughout setup stage, no various other smart devices will view it later even they are in the same Wi-Fi network. Therefore make this NEO "invisible".
The switch has to it is in clicked and set to "Invisible" before your other maker sees it. As soon as your other machine sees the (from NEO app), it will have actually the NEO"s profile and also be maybe to regulate it.
Yes. You can include multipleNEO Wi-Fi Switcheson your Android or iOS devicesin the exact same app and define your names and also imagesin the device information page. One clever devicecan manage up come 30 devices.
Yes, NEO switch deserve to be added and controlled by multiple clever devices. However only one smart an equipment can control Wi-Fi switch at a provided time.
No. Girlfriend only need to set up NEO once. All various other smart devices in the very same Wi-Fi network will instantly have NEO shown in your NEO apps.
15. How countless sets of timer deserve to I set up?
Up to 16 sets.
16. I have actually noticed that sometimes there space 1-2 minute timer delays.
The clock of NEO Wi-Fi move is based on standard timing on cloud server and not your regional iOS/Android device.1-2 minutes timer hold-up is perfect normal.

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17. Walk NEO Wi-Fi Switch work if i don"t have a Wi-Fi router or mine router is disconnected indigenous the Internet?
No. The construction of NEO and also all setups made top top NEO app are only possible via Wi-Fi network linked to the Internet. Furthermore, if there a adjust of SSID or password on her Wi-Fi router, NEO needs to be reconfigured.