Anne Arundel clinical Center is an acute care hospital located in Annapolis, MD 21401 that serves the ann Arundel ar area. This basic is a private non-profit hospital with emergency services.

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2001 clinical Parkway Annapolis, MD 21401 Phone: (443) 481-1307 Website gain Directions patient Survey review Rating Summary Star RatingThe an overview star rating combines data native different aspects of the patient’s suffer of treatment to do hospital compare easier. Typical


Hospital Type: Acute treatment Hospitals What"s an acute care hospital?An acute treatment hospital provides inpatient medical care, services connected for surgery and also medical services for short-lived illnesses, acute medical conditions or injuries. Hospital Owner: spontaneous Non-profit - Private electronic Lab Results: yes Able to obtain lab outcomes electronicallyThe provider has actually the ability of receiving laboratory outcomes through a certified electronic Health record (EHR) device as discrete seek data. Electronically track Patients Visits: correct Able to monitor patients’ lab results, tests, and referrals electronically in between visitsThe provider is qualified of tracking laboratory tests, diagnostic studies, or patient referrals v a certified digital Health document (EHR) system. Outpatient Safe surgery Checklist: correct Safe surgical treatment checklist usage (outpatient)This hospital follows a safe surgical procedure checklist based upon accepted criter of practice. Safe surgery checklists incorporate three an essential perioperative periods: 1) The duration before the management of anesthesia; 2) The duration before surgical skin incision; and 3) The duration of closure that incision and also before the patience leaving the operation room because that outpatient surgical procedures. Nursing treatment Registry: yes Nursing care registryThe provider participates in the nursing care registry. This it is registered collects and analyzes info on nursing care topics, conditions, or procedures. Inpatient Safe surgical treatment Checklist: correctly Safe surgical treatment checklist use (inpatient)This hospital adheres to a safe surgical treatment checklist based on accepted requirements of practice. Safe surgical treatment checklists encompass three an essential perioperative periods: 1) The period before the management of anesthesia; 2) The period before operation skin incision; and also 3) The duration of closure that incision and also before the patience leaving the operating room because that inpatient operation procedures. Emergency Services: correct Emergency DepartmentThis hospital provides emergency solutions which can include acute medical treatment or trauma care.

The hospital patient survey at ann Arundel Medical facility is administered to a random sample that adult inpatients after discharge. The adhering to are the results of part the survey’s five-star high quality ratings.

Doctor Communication: average Quiet Rooms: an excellent Cleanliness: same pain Management: mean Discharge Information: typical patient Recommend this Hospital: an excellent

These performance procedures at ann Arundel Medical center show just how rapidly emergency departments provide recommended treatments recognized to acquire the best results for patients with specific common conditions. This information could help patients compare which hospitals carry out the right treatment at the right time.

ER Wait Time: 48 minutes prior to being viewed by a doctor.Discharge Time: 3 hours 12 minutes prior to being sent home. Time prior to Admission: 9 hours 13 minutes before being admitted to hospital. Carry Time: 5 hrs 26 minute admitted prior to being required to room. Broken Bones: 43 minutes prior to receiving pain meds.

We have identified the adhering to individual quality actions where ann Arundel Medical center has better average ratings than other hospitals in Maryland or whereby the hospital is performing better compared to nationwide averages or benchmarks.

Hospital Name address Emergency solutions Distance
UNIVERSITY the MD BALTO WASHINGTON medical CENTER301 Hospital journey glen Burnie, MD 21061Yes11.26 miCompare
DOCTORS" community HOSPITAL8118 good Luck roadway Lanham, MD 20706Yes17.83 miCompare
MEDSTAR harbor HOSPITAL3001 southern Hanover Street Baltimore, MD 21225Yes18.56 miCompare
LAUREL local MEDICAL CENTER7300 van Dusen roadway Laurel, MD 20707Yes19.84 miCompare
JOHNS HOPKINS BAYVIEW clinical CENTER4940 eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224Yes20.73 miCompare
SAINT AGNES HOSPITAL900 Caton way Baltimore, MD 21229Yes20.84 miCompare
UNIVERSITY that MARYLAND clinical CENTER22 southern Greene Street Baltimore, MD 21201Yes21.11 miCompare
PRINCE GEORGES HOSPITAL CENTER3001 Hospital journey Cheverly, MD 20785Yes21.21 miCompare
VA MARYLAND health care SYSTEM - BALTIMORE10 phibìc Greene Street Baltimore, MD 21201No21.23 miCompare
MERCY MEDICAL center INC301 Saint Paul location Baltimore, MD 21202Yes21.32 miCompare
JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL, THE600 phibìc Wolfe Street Baltimore, MD 21287Yes21.42 miCompare
BON SECOURS HOSPITAL2000 W Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21223Yes21.48 miCompare

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