After buying her gun…deciding on which holster you’re going come buy is among the most vital decisions you deserve to make.

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There are a lot of various kinds and also styles that holsters on the sector right now. Sadly, plenty of of them space not best for covert carry.

Lots the Holsters, Boondock Saints

But no worries…we’ll resolve what provides a an excellent holster, the species of carrying (inside waistband, ankle, etc), and an individual recommendations for each type.

Complete with lots of hands-on pics, videos, and even independent reviews.

Best Concealed carry Holsters

Kore Essentials Tactical pistol Belt with P365

*UPDATED* 2021: an ext holsters and personal experiences…and videos!

Why have a great Holster?

Let’s think around some the the things the holster is supposed to do:

Protect and hold the firearm.Prevent discharge. Carry out quick access.Prevent theft or loss.

So, maybe instead of the original question, we have to ask things like: What goes right into a great concealed bring holster?

First and foremost is the ide of safety.You’ve likely heard the safety rules through now, however in case you haven’t,here they are:

Treat every weapon favor it’s loaded.Don’t point your gun in ~ anything you’re no willing to destroy. Save your finger straight and off the trigger until you intended to fire. Know your target and what’s past it.

They’re all specifically important however for appropriate now, let’s concentrate exclusively on number three…keep her finger straight and also off the cause until you intended to fire.

Good cause Discipline Glock 17

I want to expand on the even an ext and say that nothing need to touch the trigger, including clothing or any component of the holster itself.Your create could gain caught, pulled, and cause a discharge.

That’s a bad oopsie…

Trust me once I to speak the last point you’re ever before going to desire is for your gun to walk off unintentionally.And, weapons have gone off when being holstered due to the fact that something obtained caught and also pulled the trigger.

What renders a great Concealed carry Holster?

As I declared earlier, there room a many of various kinds and styles ~ above the market.But a most them are not best for concealed carry due to the fact that they space dangerous.

When you choose out a holster, make certain it has actually the following:

Total cause coverageSturdy materialGood retentionGood concealabilityHandgun protectionSkin/body protectionPositive grip

Let’s take a closer look at at this requirements…

Trigger and Material

There room a most holsters on the market where the trigger is not covered or is extended by a flimsy material.

So that you’re together safe together possible, it’s ideal to have a holster the is do of a sturdy material that consist of the trigger. You desire to do all you have the right to to stop the possibility of a discharge.

A good example the a sturdy material might be Kydex or leather. Both do wonderful job of protecting the trigger.

Kydex Sheets

Kydex is usually nothing more than a polymer composite material formed to the shape of her gun v a bunch of nature that assist it carry out its job.

Some holsters will have both materials in the type of a Kydex shell on height of a animal leather backing.

Glock 19 through TLR-1 in covert Hybrid Holster

There are plenty of companies do good-quality holsters the end of this material.You can’t go wrong here.

Good Retention

Another means of speak retention is that your gun demands to “stay put.”

A great test…if girlfriend stick her gun in her holster and also turn it upside down, will certainly it autumn out?

If it comes out, the retention that it requirements to be readjusted (usually via a screw) or you require a different an approach of carrying.

It demands to be strong enough the it keeps her firearm in ar until you tug it out on purpose.


Unless you’re moving openly, you’ll desire your firearm in a discreet place where it cannot be seen.

Concealment express G19 AIWB Hidden

IWB, or Inside the WaistBand, holsters sell a much better level that concealment than does OWB, otherwise well-known as Outside the WaistBand (more ~ above this in a minute).

And, as much as IWB holsters are concerned, usually speaking, appendix IWB supplies the many concealment.

Think the appendix carry as beginning directly in front of your ship button and also ending on your pelvic bone.

Appendix Carry, HHH with EMP

Keep in mind, it depends on human body type, and my body is various than yours. What conceals better for me, might not be a great option because that you.

The finest thing to execute is to play approximately with the a bit, to discover a balance in between comfort and also concealment.


Your holster demands to defend you and also your gun.

Some of the harder products can cause rub point out on its finish over time, so save that in mind too.

Tenicor Velo Holster through G19

At the exact same time, few of the stiffer holsters may rub her skin the not correct way.While not typically that big of a deal…if that isn’t comfortable, would certainly you bring it every day?

As a bonus if on this topic, holsters can additionally damage clothing and also furniture if you choose the dorn type.

I’ve used metal clips ~ above holsters before that eventually wore holes into my shirts. Plastic clips, while not as strong, execute their task quite well and are gentler on apparel than their metal counterparts.


This is an extremely important.

If your holster doesn’t afford you the capacity to have a FULL combat tight on your gun as soon as it is drawn, you need a various holster.Meaning you’ve obtained a high grip, have the right to deactivate safeties, and also can shoot one-handed.

Full grip on G19 with concealed Hybrid Holsters

You should have the ability to draw and also fire, from any position, including straight off-body if an attacker is on optimal of you. I’d also suggest a holster/position wherein you deserve to reach with your weak hand as well.

Again, since it bears repeating…if your holster doesn’t enable a full combat grip, get a new one.

Different varieties of Holsters

There room a couple of different types of holsters the end there for men and also women:

IWBOWBBelly BandAnkleShoulder

Let’s tackle each of these, together with their benefits.


Aliengear coat Tuck 3.0 through XD mod 2

Otherwise well-known as Inside the belt Band, this holsters are great for concealing a gun.

They go in in between your pants and your underwear and also they room excellent since they save the pistol so an extremely close to her body.

IWB 4 O’Clock Position

Because that is therefore close come you, people won’t notice it as much as few of the other choices on this list. They also don’t “print” as lot as some of the rather do.

Printing is once the synopsis of the firearm/holster deserve to be watched on the shirt.

This is negative because the point of moving a concealed gun is come hide the reality that it’s there.

Seated v an IWB Holster

One that the drawbacks come carrying choose this is that it’s more difficult to get that positive combat grip from the draw. It’s possible, but you’ll have to practice the much much more to get it right.

There’s a couple different species of IWB but we’ll gain to that in the really holster section!


OWB, or exterior the Waist tape is once the gun/holster rests on the exterior of your pants.

Concealment express OWB G17 w TLR-1

It is typically anchored to you by the belt, though some of them may attach differently.

It’s obviously not very covert unless you’re put on a jacket.

However, it is a really comfortable method of carrying because there typically isn’t something poking girlfriend in the side.

Finally, it affords a much better grip on the draw due to the fact that it sits further off the skin allowing you to gain your entire hand on it in the best position.

Concealment refer OWB Grip

Belly band Holsters

These room pretty self-explanatory…it’s a band the goes roughly your belly.For those times as soon as you’re not wearing a belt…

Brave solution Belly band Holster

Make sure to choose one that totally covers the trigger and remember that you might get a little sweaty under there.


Shoulder holsters typically wrap about the shoulder.The part that actually holds the gun typically sits on your support side’s rib cage.

007 Shoulder Holster

The support side is the hand that you don’t squeeze out the create with.It helps to stabilize, or support, the strong hand. The strong hand is the one you do squeeze the cause with.

Shoulder Holster Back

This an approach of moving a hidden gun is good for world who wear a jacket and is likewise commonly employed by undercover and off-duty police officers.

But it’s not all looking cool…

The guns tend to loss out much an ext likely than other holstersYou’re muzzling the human being behind youWhen girlfriend unholster it’s easy to sweepa couple people in prior of friend tooYour shirts will getgross sweat marks indigenous the holsterWhen you take it off her jacket the total is no much longer concealed


This technique of delivering a surprise gun is an excellent for deep concealment, or because that times as soon as a back-up gun is needed.

In this case, over there is no printing unless you’re wearing chop pants.

Nobody will recognize you’ve got a gun on you uneven you pull your pant foot up and show them.

Ankle Holster native Uncle Mike

The drawbacks to this method, are that your gun have the right to be difficult to get to, and also it have the right to be uncomfortable come the suggest that it deserve to pull your leg hair out and also rub her skin unless you pave it approximately a boot.

Without any type of further ado, let’s get to some specific examples!

Best IWB Holsters

I’m a pan of “hybrid” holsters for IWB where the gun covering is Kydex and also the backer is either something man-made or leather. Here are a couple of of my favorites.

But don’t worry…we’ll enter pure Kydex IWB holsters too!

Hidden Hybrid Holsters

Our editor’s current favorite hybrid holster is native Hidden Hybrid Holsters and also here’s ours full review.

Not a very creative name…but they work!

Hidden Hybrid Holsters Assortment

They space a tiny company from oh that uses Amish leather down the roadway from your shop.

Hidden Hybrid Holster, Suede Back, twin Clip

The animal leather they choose and also the suede backer do all the distinction in comfort.

The thickness/rigidity is Goldilocks right…and the suede feels far better than life leather against your skin.

I’ve tried out a pair of their choices and love their single clip Appendix Carry.

EMP in concealed Hybrid Holster, postposition , single Clip

Here the is in activity during our evaluation of the Springfield EMP.

It keeps things hidden…

Appendix Carry, EMP, surprise Hybrid Holster

And I’d absolutely recommend acquiring the “claw” attachments which pushes the holster much more into her body.

Claw attachments in Action

Have miscellaneous bigger…or a light/laser/RMR?

Glock 19 v TLR-1 in covert Hybrid Holster

They acquired you covered with an alternative that let’s you walk both IWB and also OWB (with belt holes).

If you’re down with pistol optics for carry…their version fully covers the optic.

However, here’s a regular G19 in the 4/5 o’clock position since I don’t favor it as well chunky.

Glock 19 in covert Hybrid Holsters, two Clip


Exposed G19 in covert Hybrid Holster

Ok one an ext perk…all the holsters ns tried provide you a complete grip.

Full tight on G19 with covert Hybrid Holsters

They likewise have mag carriers.

Hidden Hybrid Holsters, Mag Carriers

I’m not huge so the twin double-stack mag carrier to be just method too huge for me.However the single was perfect and really comfy.

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Hidden Hybrid Holsters solitary Mag Carrier

And something because that the lols…or if girlfriend really need to walk tall and also carry a large stick…

Hidden Hybrid Holsters, big Stick Mag Carrier

Full testimonial here…but so far Hidden Hybrid has my poll for the comfiest hybrid holster I’ve experiment so far.