Just wanted to conveniently let everyone understand that there’s been a delay in the production for the audiobook variation of Soulbrand. I can’t provide any more details ideal now, but we’re tho going to try to get the publication out as soon as possible. I’ll administer an update release date when we have one confirmed.

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Edit: small update. The brand-new target release date is November 23rd.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to summary let you understand that Six spiritual Swords, the very first book in my Weapons and also Wielders series, is currently on sale on the united state Kindle store for 99 cents. If girlfriend haven’t currently picked the up and you’ve to be itching because that something new to read, this might be a an excellent time!

You deserve to pick the publication up here!

Hope anyone is having a an excellent week.


Hello everyone,

Just a basic status upgrade today.

The critical month has actually been relatively slow in regards to things I deserve to actually speak about. As I’ve pointed out previously, I have a number of mystery projects in the works – few of which might not have the ability to be unveiled for a while, given that I’d require approval native the other civilization (or companies) involved.

I perfect writing and the key revisions to my secret novella this month, which is the last significant outstanding project before I can change to working on AA4. This required an ext time 보다 I expected, and also it’s still no *entirely* finished – I’ve done three content modifying passes, yet there’s tho going come be an additional general copy modifying pass after ~ that. Fortunately, the copy editing and enhancing work must be quite painless contrasted to the content edits, few of which to be pretty far-reaching in scale.

I’ve continued to job-related on AA4, yet slowly. I’d calculation the very first draft to be at around 20%.

I’ve likewise continued the first stages of work-related on W&W4. This was greatly to gain the recap done while W&W3 was still new in my mind, as well as to obtain the intro of the book ready, for the exact same reason. Ns don’t intend to spend too much much more time on W&W4 till after AA4 is done.

I have actually a couple other little novels tho in development (such as carefully Worded Wishes, which I’ve talked around before) and some various other experiments. I’ll probably proceed to dabble v these once I’m no in the the atmosphere to work-related on AA4, however at this point, i anticipate AA4 will more than likely be mine next significant release.

In terms of release timing, I’m now aiming for sometime following year. I’m hope to obtain it fairly early, yet I don’t know just how realistic the is – it counts on whereby the book ends up in terms of scope. If it end up gift as massive as Soulbrand, which i know plenty of fans want, I’ll probably finish up launching it near mid-year. I may need to throw some little project in over there in the center if it takes that lengthy – no sure.

Aside indigenous that, a many my time is going toward those points I can’t talk about. Much of that is multimedia – think things prefer the tabletop game, however with a wider variety that projects. I’m hope to have a formal announcement around at least one or 2 of these by the end of the year. These space pretty time consuming to arrange ideal now, but once I acquire them launched, i think they’ll be mainly self-sustaining and won’t take up as well much much more of mine time and also energy. I think about these jobs to be really worthwhile, both in terms of letting human being engage in the story setting in added ways (e.g. Gaming) and also in terms of providing me much-needed breaks from just writing constantly. I wish I can say more, however it’s still too early.

I hope everyone has a great month!


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to permit you understand that the paperback variation of Soulbrand is now available! You have the right to pick it increase here.

In terms of other updates, there isn’t too much to say appropriate now. I’ve finished my an initial draft of the an enig novella that ns mentioned, and also I’m right now discussing revisions through the publisher. I don’t have a firm estimate on just how long those revisions will certainly take, but I’m hoping to obtain the manuscript finalized within the following month or so.

After that, my plan is to emphasis primarily top top Arcane Ascension 4. As previously mentioned, I’ll it is in dabbling v some other books at the very same time to stop burnout, but I still expect AA4 to be my next significant release.

Hello, everyone! hope you’re having actually a an excellent month for this reason far.

First off, I’m thrilled by how much people are typically enjoying Soulbrand. In terms of ratings and reviews, it’s the best rated book I’ve created to day (although it’s still method behind the Arcane Ascension books in regards to sales). I uncovered these evaluate encouraging because that the in its entirety trajectory that the series and ns hope the this trend proceeds with future books.

For those the you that aren’t currently aware, preorders are up because that the Audible variation of Soulbrand. The tentative release date is October 12th November 23rd!

Next, in regards to paperbacks, I’m working with my graphics designer on that best now. This took me a tiny while due to the fact that it was tough to gain it right into the right format for a paperback due to the length. Some points don’t pat well through KDP paperbacks, prefer italic text and also images. It’s doable, it just requires part tweaking to make sure everything stays in ~ the spare properly, and that effects the final page count – which is required before the full cover can be made.

I don’t have actually a firm day for paperbacks yet, but I’m guessing it’ll be within the next couple weeks.

Soulbrand has continued to store me pretty busy post-launch, mostly in terms of things like obtaining the book formatted for Audible, fixing small mistakes the were discovered post-launch, reading (and sometimes responding to) community discussions and also questions top top Discord and also Reddit, etc. In ~ this point, that’s pack up and I’ve been getting earlier into the bicycle of doing much more writing every day.

In regards to writing projects, I’m not fairly done v that an enig novella yet, but I suppose to be within a couple weeks.

After that, mine primary focus will it is in on AA4, through some time spent on W&W4 and little projects on job that i don’t feel inspired to occupational on AA. This kind of system has actually been advantageous for making sure I remain productive, and by using this method, I currently have a same head start on AA4 (around 10-15% the the an initial draft) also though ns haven’t started working on it full time yet.

I am behind where I want to it is in in mine schedule once I talked about it at the finish of critical year. This is largely due to the fact that Soulbrand became much longer than supposed (it’s nearly as lengthy as W&W 1 and also 2 combined). AA4 launching this year is looking less likely. I’m still going to aim because that a December release, yet it depends on just how busy I become with other things in life, and where I end up deciding to end the book. (I’m quiet not sure if I’m going to shot to do every one of Corin’s second year in one book, just one semester, or something else.)

If ns don’t beginning AA4 by the finish of this year, I’m walk to target for early on next year, however I’m no going come make any kind of promises in the regard, either. Writing three long books back-to-back is exhausting and difficult to scope properly. I’d rather give you every realistic expectations.

After AA4, the following release will either it is in a tiny side job or W&W4 – I’m not certain yet. The depends greatly on if AA4 and W&W4 revolve out to be monstrously long like W&W3 was. If W&W4 is feather like another 250k beast, I may publish something smaller in the interm to continue to be fresh and keep readers engaged.

Hope you’re every enjoying the books, and thanks to every one of you who have read and also rated Soulbrand!



Hey everyone,

To storage the start of my 3rd Weapons and also Wielders book, Soulbrand, the an initial book in the series, Six spiritual Swords is currently obtainable for free on Kindle!


For those the you that are new to the series, Six spiritual Swords adheres to Keras Selyrian, a swordsman indigenous a foreign land, together he explores the unfamiliar continent of Kaldwyn in search of allies and resources to help his homeland. Keras is a relatively an effective character from the begin of the story, mix magic and swordplay in battle, yet his absence of familiarity with the regional land and magic system put him in ~ a far-reaching disadvantage. The story is greatly inspired by Japanese action/adventure games and also RPGs like The Legend of Zelda, last Fantasy, and also Ys. It’s a story the magic, swashbuckling, bibliophile dragons, and talking swords.

The first book in this series is a quick, light-hearted introduction with flashy anime-style combat and larger-than-life characters. As the series progresses, the books get longer and also heavier, with much more world structure details and character development.

These books are related to my Arcane Ascension and War of broken Mirrors books, however designed to be readable without having actually read those first. (Timeline wise, the main body the these story takes location after the war of damaged Mirrors and before Arcane Ascension, but with a framework story the takes location after Arcane Ascension 2.) If you favor to view a character’s story in chronological order, you may want to review the battle of damaged Mirrors first, yet plenty of civilization start through my various other series.

Soulbrand, the 3rd book, just came the end on Kindle this morning and will be comes to other formats soon. Preorders are currently up for the audible version – narrated as constantly by the amazing Nick Podehl – and also it’s collection to beginning on October 12th. I don’t have actually a release date for the paperback yet, however I anticipate that will be within the next month or so.

I’m extremely proud the Soulbrand. I think it’s one of my strongest books to date and I important hope the readers gain it.



One an ext quick thing: a team of awesome world has started a new Discord especially for role-playing in the civilization of Arcane Ascension. If you’re interested in participating, girlfriend can uncover that Discord, The Perfect Stranger, here.

Soulbrand is currently out top top Kindle in the US. Various other regions may obtain it at various times the day. You can acquire it here!


Hey all,

I’m walking to carry out a rapid Q&A because that Soulbrand’s launch over on the Climber’s Court in a few minutes! you re welcome feel cost-free to come by and listen if you’re interested.

Hey everyone,

While you’re all wait for Soulbrand’s relax on Friday, I’ve gained a publication suggestion!

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A Hollow mountain is the sequel to The Brightest Shadow, one of my pure favorite books. I newly heard someone define it together a “wuxia Stormlight Archives”, and I think that’s a nice accurate starting place, however I think the author – sarah Lin – has managed to do this was standing apart native the genre’s foundations even further 보다 that.

Unlike numerous progression fantasies, these are third person books with balanced casts the several personalities (which paint, etc a component of the Stormlight comparison). The delves deeply right into the motivations of each character and the complexities of your relationships, both through each other and also other members that the cast that don’t gain perspective chapters. I’ll provide you fair warning that these room massive books – that’s component of why I favor them, yet much choose with Stormlight, getting involved can be a hefty task.

This certain book go a good job of widening on the characters and also mythology that the first book, and introducing a couple of new actors members that have quickly worked their method into my heart. I’m excited to see more of all of them in the 3rd book – and also beyond.

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If you’ve currently read The Brightest Shadow and enjoyed it, I’d recommend picking this one up ideal away. If girlfriend haven’t read The Brightest Shadow…well, go execute that. Ns think you’ll love it.