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We are located in phibìc Miami, minute from Bal Harbour, just Harbor, Surfside and Miami Beach

12505 NE 16th Avenue, north Miami, FL 33161

Arch Plaza is a 98-bed professional nursing facility providing award-winning rehabilitation and skilled parenting services. We are centrally situated in north Miami close to the intersection the 125th St and also Biscayne Boulevard and nearby to the Johnson and also Wales university campus. Just a quick ride end the vast Causeway bridge from Bal Harbour, bay Harbor, Surfside and also Miami Beach.

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Using the most progressed technology, equipment and also resources, we provide the highest level the sub-acute rehabilitation and restorative nursing care for patients recovering from surgery, one accident or severe illness.

We take it a holistic strategy to wellness. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, APRNs, nurses, physical therapists, work therapists, decided therapists, respiratory therapists, social workers, and also recreational routine directors meet everyday to testimonial each patient’s file, producing an continuous care setup to get our patients earlier to optimal health, in the shortest time possible.

Our Services

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Advanced Sub-Acute treatment Physical Therapy job-related Therapy speech Therapy

24/7 skilled Nursing treatment Transplant and also LVAD care In-House & Outpatient Dialysis Respiratory care Wound Care

Long Term treatment Family & society Services activities & Innovative programs Amenities

Advanced Sub-Acute Care

Providing the highest possible level of treatment following hospital discharge

Our award-winning staff and state-of-the-art an innovation ensure patients transitioning from hospital to residence receive the treatment they need to return to optimal health and wellness in the shortest time possible. Devoted sub-acute care services include:

Respiratory Care

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Rehabilitation Therapy

For boosted patient outcomes

Physical Therapy

Our physics therapists are highly trained, many having completed the highest possible levels of education, including a Doctorate in Physical treatment (DPT) and certifications in Neuro-Developmental treatment (NDT), Kinesio-Taping and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).

Our physical treatment team works in conjunction v the patient’s doctor to construct a customized treatment plan which might include:

Enhanced physical therapy complying with orthopedic surgery or injuryStrength BuildingCardio-pulmonary rehabilitationFall prevention and fall restore programsBed mobility to prevent complicationsTransfers come facilitate independenceGait cultivate with and without assistive tools (ADs) to enable for boosted mobilityStair training for a safe return homeCommunity re-integration

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OTs) assist patients in re-developing lost an abilities in order for them to when again be able to perform tasks of daily living (ADLs), such as eating, bathing, dressing, an individual care, meal preparation, house making and also money management. Unique adaptive equipment (AE) is utilized to aid in these tasks as appropriate. Ours OT employee is very educated and also well versed in new technologies and approaches to treatment.

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Speech Therapy

The capability to interact when never thought possible is extremely rewarding. The ability to swallow and progress to a constant diet from not being able come eat is even an ext rewarding. The is the focus of our highly-trained decided Language Pathologists (MSCC/SLP).

Their focus includes:

Speech disordersLanguage disordersOral motor impairmentCognitive declineCommunication disorders

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24/7 experienced Nursing Care

Getting you back to optimal health complying with surgery, an accident or severe illness

Arch Plaza uses 24/7 experienced nursing and also restorative care with a highly-trained, committed staff including advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs), Registered nurses (RNs), Licensed valuable Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Nursing aides (CNAs). Adhering to the most progressed care protocols, our score is to gain back patients come optimal health and wellness in the shortest possible time and also avoid unnecessary hospital re-admissions.

Our clinical treatment services include:

24/7 restorative skilled nursing care following surgery, serious disease or one accidentTracheostomy careSpecialized treatment for transplant & LVAD patientsWound care Management (Arch Plaza is a VOHRA certified center of Excellence for Wound Management)Intravenous (IV) therapyPain alleviation therapiesRestorative therapy programsIn-house dialysisComprehensive Discharge planning (Day 1)

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Specialized care for Transplant and LVAD Patients

Being may be to efficiently provide complex care because that patients speak to the higher level the training the our registered nurses possess. In ours environment, this patients receive the vital rehabilitation and restorative nursing treatment that ultimately increases recovery and also reduces hospital re-admissions.

Staff native Miami Transplant academy (MTI) has helped to carry out enhanced cultivate to employee at all Plaza wellness Network centers in an initiative to deliver devoted care for transplant and LVAD patients.

Services include devoted nursing care and rehabilitation therapy.

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In-House & Outpatient Dialysis

Patients who require dialysis have the right to receive in-house therapy at Arch Plaza or may continue their treatment at their dialysis clinic of choice. Our in-house dialysis program:

eliminates the require for regular trips – sometimes more than 3 times a week because that each patient – to and from dialysis clinicsallows united state to keep our patients’ dining, medication and rehabilitation schedule provides much more effective therapy optionskeeps patients happier and also healthier through our convenient options.

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Respiratory Care

For patient with complex respiratory problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary condition (COPD), pneumonia, lung an illness and those who space tracheostomy dependent, Arch Plaza provides committed services including:

24/7 expert nursing careTracheostomy careOxygen managementPulmonary rehabilitationExercise yongin testingCommunications and also swallowing therapyEducation come achieve an illness self-management and lifestyle modification

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Center the Excellence for Wound Management

A wide variety of innovative therapies are obtainable at Arch Plaza because that chronic or non-healing wounds result from surgery, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic ulcers, press ulcers, and also other conditions.

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Arch Plaza is a facility of Excellence for Wound Care, certified by VOHRA Wound Physicians, the nation’s largest multi-specialty post-acute medical professional group. The VOHRA facility of Excellence for Wound management Program identifies and also honors infrastructure that have developed superior wound administration programs. These infrastructure must meet multiple requirements such as having a less-than-one-percent wound-related re-hospitalization rate and also having a showed outcomes-focused wound treatment program led through a doctor specialist and staffed by certified wound care nurses 7 days a week.

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Long term Care

Providing a house away native home

For patients who require treatment for a longer period of time, Arch Plaza provides a warm and caring house away native home.

Patients recovering native serious illness or injury, or those v degenerative medical conditions, have the right to take lull in discovering that we administer care program to suit every phase of health and also every situation

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Family & society Services

Caring for an adult or an elderly family member with a major illness, injury or debilitating medical problem can place a significant strain on household members.

To aid families manage, Arch Plaza uses a range of social and also counseling services. This services assist people cope through the financial and also emotional issues that deserve to arise when a loved one requirements extended care that can not be listed at home.

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Activities & put in order Programs

Arch Plaza uses a wide selection of activities aimed at improving quality of life and a feeling of well-being. Even if it is you are below for a quick stay following surgery, an accident or significant illness, or a longer stay, you’ll enjoy all that Arch Plaza has to offer.

Daily activities include movies, live music & entertainment, art, games, practice classes, & more.

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The Plaza health and wellness Network foundation provides a number of innovative program to patients and also residents the Arch Plaza together well, consisting of a social Arts Program, sponsor by the The Jorge M. Pérez Family structure at The Miami Foundation.


The routine includes:

Music: concert by a variety of performing art organizationsVisual Arts: arts exhibitions, in cooperation with regional art galleries, neighborhood artists and academic art programsTheatre: Theatrical performances, beat readings, city readings & more performed by area public and also private schools and also local universitiesDance: dance performances and also lessons

Learn more and help support the innovative programs and also services provided by the Plaza wellness Network Foundation