The Arni structure of Daytona Beach has actually closed it"s doors and moved come Colorado.

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Randy Barber/staff photographer

The ARNI foundation of Daytona Beach has actually pulled up stakes and is plan to put them down in Basalt Colo.

The non-profit, no-kill sanctuary for cats and also dogs in ~ 600 Mason Ave. Has been a neighborhood fixture since 1999, but ARNI"s founder closed it, however only after ~ finding every the animals there homes.

“Right after ~ the hurricane we had actually no air, we had actually some flooding and also damage, so 2 shelters from up north assisted us gain a bunch that dogs and also kitties out,” said Nikki Linn, ARNI founder. “People were lining up to adopt those animals and also some us have had actually for years and years so the was a blessing in disguise.”

She go on to define how part cats that were no adoptable as result of temperament discovered a residence in a regional cattery where they will certainly be happy and also ARNI employee members embraced others themselves.

“I have actually known those animals so long, the was my main priority come make certain they all acquire a great home,” Ms. Linn said. “I can not tell friend how plenty of tears I have cried wonder what to do. We just bought five acres in Colorado and also we are making a barn the is going to be our rescue there. The is a ton of land and room come run and it will certainly be really nice.”

Ms. Linn and also her husband, Rusty, have actually relocated come Colorado come be close to her elderly father. ARNI is named after her mother.

She had been make the efforts to run ARNI native Colorado, yet said, “It is too tough to it is in away and run any kind of kind that business and expect the to save running. I believed I might do both and it is just too hard. It is like any other business, you need to be there, and also you have to watch over it. With living things, I worked seven job a week for 20 years.”

Ms. Linn explained how the west has actually a different mindset towards animals.

“There is not a stray problem, there is not a dumping problem. Animals are permitted everywhere. The south is the worst for pet welfare, it simply is,” she said.

Her partners will certainly remain available to assist her take it in some animals from Florida at her new location.

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ARNI specialization in rescuing pets from kill shelters, including cruelty and also abuse cases. Pregnant pets will it is in a priority in ~ ARNI West as Ms. Linn said, “The pregnant ones always get eliminated at shelters due to the fact that other shelters don’t want to host them till they have babies.”

She has actually been rescuing animals her whole life, even as a child. She hopes one more rescue takes over the shelter space as that is currently for lease or sale. The spay–neuter clinic run by the Halifax Humane society on site is proceeding to operate and also the building still has actually some various other renters together well.

“I love my employee in Daytona. They are all unbelievable pet people,” Ms. Linn said. “Anybody would be happy to have them. They are all amazing.”