"Art permits us to discover ourselves and also lose ourselves at the same time." - thomas Merton

The great spiritual writer cutting board Merton when said, “Art permits us to uncover ourselves and also lose ourselves in ~ the same time.” We have actually all stood in prior of the special image that sang come our soul. It has actually been said that the arts we select to hang on our wall surfaces is a visual representation of who we are and also what we believe in. The resonance of art is deeply personal and what works for one person could do the opposite for another.

Colorado river Glow by Phil Wagner

"That Colorado flow moves on for this reason silently, peacefully, unpretentious, and also yet its strength is absolute. With solid rock, the accumulated rain and also ice-melt off the watershed the the Colorado Plateau easily cut the grand Canyon a mile deep. Human life absolutely wouldn"t be right here without water. Ours bodies space 90% water; no wonder we are so mysteriously fascinated with it. Next to enjoyably the town hall the flames that amidnightcampfire because that hours, i enjoy paint a river rolling by job after day and also night after ~ night, always its colors and shapes changing like flames in their unlimited variation. Exactly how does one capture and also paint the energy?" - Phil Wagner

Art helps a human being to discover out that they are, what castle like and also how lock feel around something they have seen and/or heard v an art project."...lose ourselves at the exact same time" -

Mule"s Ear Daiseies through Peggy Harty

"I love Tom Till"s photograph of one of the large monuments in arches with Mule"s Ear Daisies in the foreground. This spring ns headed for arcs on a gloriously cloudy evening and found the Mule"s Ear Daisies bloom in a most opportune spot! i painted this ~ above a textured plank from photos i took the evening." - Peggy Harty

Art helps a person to express us completely. Sometimes people pick to stay in a box, perform not dare anything, always perfect, fear to make mistakes. Yet when you perform art...there room no limits regarding what you have the right to achieve. You perform not need to stay conservative, you do not have to keep yourself in check. You can "lose yourself" through loosening up there is no worries.

new Air ~ the Rain by Larry Christensen

"The rain is past, the air smells clean, and also the colors space so lively it’s virtually unreal." - Larry Christensen

Maybe Henry David Thoreau claimed it best "The human being is yet a canvas to our imagination".

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Is the greatest achievement for one artist, to attach with the viewer? have the viewer finish the journey the the artist began?

White Pockets Milky way by Robert McKendrick

"I think the objective of a picture is to evoke an emotionally response. The suffer of farming up and living in nature has done this because that me and by choosing just the appropriate place and also moment to make a photograph that conveys those emotions " Robert McKendrick