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"As soon as ns Hang increase the Phone" is a tune written through American nation artist Conway Twitty, and also recorded by Twitty and also Loretta Lynn together a duet. It was released in 1974 together the first single indigenous the album nation Partners. It was the 4th number one top top the U. S. Country singles chart because that the pair together a duo. The solitary went to number one for a single week and also spent 11 mainly on the chart. It additionally reached number 1 in southern Africa, security 16 mainly on the chart.

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Hello (hello Loretta) darlin" ns knew it to be you(Loretta there"s something i just gained to tell you)Oh please tell me what to do(I don"t really know how to speak this however I desire to tell you the I)You gave me the will certainly to walk on as shortly as ns picked up the phone(No no friend don"t recognize Loretta I"m trying to tell you the I)The speak is approximately that we"re v (yeah I recognize I"ve heard that too)Oh darling tell me what come do(But that"s simply it that"s what I"m trying come tell friend I desire to tell friend that)I knew you"d call me they were wrong as quickly as i picked increase the phone(Oh but it"s true they"re not wrong)Oh no (I"m sorry Loretta) five no ns can"t believe that it"s true(I"m i m really sorry Loretta I"m yes, really really sorry)Oh no five no i can"t think that we"re through(I recognize you understand that I never ever thought that would concerned this)You call me it"s over and done(I really thought that i loved you and also you know that)You say that you"ve had actually all your fun(You"ve just got to think me the I never ever meant come hurt you)But ns can"t think you"ve to be gone(This is the hardest point that I"ve ever had to do and it damages me too)As soon as ns hang up the call (yeah I"ll be gone)As shortly as i hang up the phone call (goodbye Loretta)

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Conway Twitty Conway Twitty (September 1, 1933 – June 5, 1993), born Harold Lloyd Jenkins, to be an American country music artist. He additionally had success in early rock and roll, R&B and also pop music. He held the document for the most number one singles of any act v 40 No. 1 Billboard country hits until George Strait broke the document in 2006. From 1971-76, Twitty got a wire of nation Music association awards because that duets v Loretta Lynn.

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The was never a member that the grand Ole Opry, yet was inducted right into both the country Music and Rockabilly Halls that Fame. An ext »