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episode 1.1 (Primeval)

Episode 1 is the very first episode of the ITV drama Primeval. The episode was aired top top 10 February 2007 as a pilot for the series. The pilot ended up being a success and was choose up prior to the series was aired.

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At night. A Gorgonopsid emerges from the forest of Dean follow Dr. Helen Cutter. Unable to find shelter in a surrounding closed supermarket, Helen flees back into the forest. V no witnesses to she disappearance, she is presumed dead.

Eight years pass. At central Metropolitan University, graduate college student Connor Temple approaches his guardian in evolutionary zoology, Professor Nick Cutter, and Cutter’s assistant, Stephen Hart, v a newspaper photograph of a Therapsid-like creature. Cutter originally dismisses it together a hoax, but decides to inspection upon finding out that the sighting took location in the forest of Dean, whereby his wife disappeared.

At the woodland of Dean, Cutter, Stephen, and Connor discover evidence of a huge and an effective predator. They room joined in their search by Claudia, a junior-level agent from the house Office sent to investigate the monster sighting.

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An episode is a component of a dramatic job-related such together a serial tv or radio program.

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The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell

"The Ballad the Kenneth Parcell" is the fourth episode the the sixth season of the American television comedy collection 30 Rock, and also the 107th as whole episode of the series. It was directed through Jeff Richmond, and also written by co-executive producer Matt Hubbard. The episode originally aired top top the nationwide Broadcasting company (NBC) network in the United claims on January 26, 2012. Guest stars in this episode include Emma Stone, Ken Howard, Mick Foley, Andy Samberg, and also the Philadelphia Phillies mascot the Phillie Phanatic. Steve Earle sings a ballad around Kenneth Parcell in the close up door credits.

In the episode, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) and Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) loss out as a result of Jenna"s selfish behavior due to the fact that her function on America"s Kidz gained Singing, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) eliminates the page program to admire Hank Hooper (Ken Howard) yet comes to suffer the consequences, whilst Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) contemplates his mortality after a misunderstanding results in the receiving no date of birth presents.

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"Episode.0" is the thirty-ninth solitary released by Japanese solo artist Gackt. It to be released ~ above July 13, 2011 through HPQ. It became the thirty-ninth Gackt"s consecutive single to reach optimal ten on Oricon"s singles chart, a male soloist record for many top 10 charts singles.

an introduction

"Episode.0" and also "Paranoid Doll" room the two Gackpoid (Vocaloid) songs that were previously picked through Gackt in a Niconico video fan video clip contest in 2009, v the early prize gift 10 million yen (US$120,000). Gackt stated he would cover those songs if the staff were cursed to making the a reality, and so after two years the songs to be officially recorded and also released. The last results have actually been announced during the "NicoNico Daikaigi 2011" occasion in Taiwan, and also the ten prize winners were mathru/KanimisoP that won the cool Prize because that "Episode.0″, natsuP (SCL Project) winner an Excellence Prize because that "Paranoid Doll" i m sorry was likewise featured in the single, and also eight other songs likewise won one Excellence Prize, including two by DonatakaP. KanimisoP obtained lowered prize of 300,000 yen (US$3,660) and also the nine Excellence compensation winners got 100,000 yen (US$1,220).


Dub, Dubs, Dubí, or dubbing might refer to:


Many locations in Slavic countries, where "dub" means "oak tree":


Dubbing (filmmaking)

Dubbing, mixing, or re-recording is a post-production procedure used in filmmaking and video production in which added or supplementary recordings are "mixed" with original production sound to produce the finished soundtrack.

The procedure usually takes place on a dub stage. ~ sound editor edit and prepare all essential tracks (dialogue, automated conversation replacement (ADR), effects, Foley, and music), the dubbing mixer or mixers continue to balance all of the elements and also record the finished soundtrack. Dubbing is sometimes perplexed with ADR, also together "additional conversation replacement", "additional conversation recording", and "looping", in which the original actors re-record and also synchronize audio segments.

Outside the movie industry, the term "dubbing" most frequently refers come the instead of of the voices that the actors ~ above the display screen with those of different performers speaking one more language, which is called "revoicing" in the film industry.

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In the past, dubbing to be practiced primarily in musicals as soon as the actor had actually an unsatisfactory to sing voice. Today, dubbing enables the screening of audiovisual product to a fixed audience in countries where viewers do not speak the very same language as the performers in the initial production.