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I went into this manga completely blind, reading it only because I thought the cover looked reasonably interesting. What completely came out of left field was the fact that this is a rom-com around a dude functioning at a condom company. Straightforward enough premise, however it definitely caught me turn off guard considering ns didn't hear anything about it previously. Through this in mind, it's actually a pretty exciting manga.Story: over there isn't too lot substance concerning the story. Like any other slice of life, assorted scenarios space presented, each v some level of personality progression emerging at the end. Many of these have actually something to do through the nature of working at a condom company, leading to some comedic if not funny moments. Art: The art is pretty great for what the is. There aren't many intricate or grand panels within the manga, but the material presented has actually a specific amount that charm to it, while being in-depth enough for the most part. Characters: The manga is revolves roughly the interactions in between Sagami, a new transfer right into the condom study department, and also Musubu, a condom researcher. Sagami as a personality is exaggeration to the point where it practically comes off together annoying, yet it's contrasted through the relatively cool-headed Musubu that serves as a foil for him. The combination of one awkward work setting with two awkward characters makes it enjoyable to read, particularly seeing glimpses of romance take host within their relationship. These two are really the foundation of the manga chin really, and they're decent for their intended storytelling purpose. Regardless of the premise, the manga isn't something I'd think about ecchi, nor does the overstep it's borders into fanservice at all. The humour is quick and also dirty, v a lot of shots bring away in the most opportunistic moments, but there are a couple of jokes that room legitimately unexpected. The English scanlations are at this time quite behind the raw releases, yet hopefully the series will it is in updated soon. For currently though, the at this time translated chapters are absolutely worth reading.