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Have you ever before wondered what the attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyogen) think the you?

Well, currently you can discover out! as soon as your done, remember: comment and share this v your friend, if girlfriend can!

Created by: Ayaka

Hi! I"m Ayaka. When you"re done with this quiz, and also if over there isn"t anything else you have (or want to do), comment! Okay! pretty to accomplish you! Good. Now that I recognize your name, I deserve to track girlfriend down and kill you. ...Hello Hi! did you know that rainbows perform exist? Unicorns don"t though. Narwhals do!What"s your favorite color? Please, don"t death me! The glowing colors! Blue, especially. What ones perform you not like? Purple... Pink! Pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink!Do you like other people? Yep! Yeah, the dead ones. Actually, in reply to the last question, I want to to speak "hello," not "hi". Hello sounds cooler! Oh, walk you understand McDonald"s was about in the forties? It"s not that i don"t choose people... Well, it could be... They"re an extremely mean, though.

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What do you commonly do as soon as you"re done through homework, or don"t have actually school? I like to play with my pets, friends, and also be outside, but I don"t mental playing video clip games as soon as in the while. I prefer thinking that ways how to end up being supreme dictator that the world! I would certainly play my favourite game, tag! and also did you understand my favorite video game is Who have the right to Make the do the most Noise? Um... I guess I would lock mine room and study...If titans damaged the walls and you to be guarding the walls, what would you do? Those titans would certainly be annihilated! They"re not gonna touch my friends, family, or anyone else! Why would I care? Titans space those fluffy things with big teeth and also ears, right? No, those are dogs! Wait, they"re hamburgers! Right? Wh-what? perform you think the titan"s really have the right to break though the walls! ns hope not... If castle did, I would certainly most likely be happy. It"s not prefer I would have actually a nicer future... Dieing wouldn"t be so bad...What various other animes carry out you watch? pick the one the is closer to the genre you watch. Hunter x Hunter, Fruit Baskets, Pokemon, Naruto, and also Sword arts Online. Black Butler and also Death Note. Ouran Highschool hold Club! Mushishi, Kino no Tabi, and also Angel Beats ns don"t know these animes/I haven"t watched this animes ns watch all of these!Who is her favorite the the main three personalities in attack on Titan? So tough to choose... Eren, i guess The titans. ;) (Me: The titans aren"t among the three) Mikasa! and also Sasha! Plus her potato! (Me: Again, not one of the three) Armin...What"s her strength? Not providing up. Scaring small children. Annoying people! Fummer is mine fav season, btw! Um... I don"t think I have one. Only weaknesses. :(Your weakness? I deserve to be a little hot top sometimes. Weakness? your face. It"s so terrible, no one can confront it. For this reason is this stupid quiz! eating rainbows! I"m an extremely weak, timid, stupid, ect.This is the second to last question! space you evil or good? ns think good, because that a human, i mean. All humans are evil. Evil. Fluffy! I want to say I"m good, yet that"s probably a lie...Last question! did you favor this quiz? Yeah, it was awesome! save making more! What type of question is that? Of food ...I didn"t I"m a taco through sprinkles! Yes... Many thanks for do it...

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