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After using this fix, try to see if the AutoCAD concern persists. If the does, please shot the following method.

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Do you have corrupt AutoCAD files? Here’s how to fix them easily

3. Check LAN and also firewall settings

Click ~ above Cortana search box -> type in Control Panel -> click it come open.On the Connections tab -> click LAN Settings.Deselect all easily accessible options.Go back to Control Panel -> choose Windows Firewall.

4. Update AutoCAD and also Windows OS to settle the deadly error message

To update AutoCAD you will have to visit the main Autodesk upgrade page and also follow the on-screen accuse to finish the setup.

To upgrade Windows:

Click on Cortana find box -> kind Update.Select Windows upgrade Settings.Restart her PC if compelled to perform so.


In this guide, we very first found the end what are the most typical reasons because that the deadly error occurring in AutoCAD, and we likewise discussed a couple of proven approaches to resolve this issue.

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