Avatar: Why the spirit Wan Shi Tong decided to stay in the Human world In the Avatar universe, why would a heart who hates people so much live amongst them in ~ all?


Wan Shi Tong makes a big impression despite having so few appearances in the original collection and that is sequel. Much of the impression comes from the legendary reputation the Wan Shi Tong"s Library, the best collection of expertise in existence. The details in the library proved beneficial to Team Avatar during the hundreds Year War as soon as Sokka provided its prediction of the work of Black sun to plan a an important invasion during the Fire Nation"s weakest point.

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Which is exactly what the library"s owner, Wan Shi Tong, did not want. Enraged, Wan Shi Tong bemoans how common it is of human beings that they shot to weaponize any knowledge castle come across, i can not qualify of merely enjoying expertise for its very own sake. He bring the whole library down into the desert, resisted only by Toph"s earthbending ~ above the external of the building, but prior to long the library sinks earlier into the heart World. When next Wan Shi Tong is viewed next, he and also his library remain in the soul World, briefly engaging with Jinora once she visits in The Legend the Korra.

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But the inquiry still remains as to why Wan Shi Tong ever bothered putting his library in the human people in the an initial place. The answer appears to be that it was the ideal place to collect knowledge, as the foxes who serve together his expertise Seekers roam the planet looking for things "He that Knows 10,000 Things" doesn"t currently know and also bringing them back to the library because that archiving. Despite it"s curious regarding why the expertise Seekers could not do their mission indigenous the heart World, and also indeed, they it seems to be ~ to continue their mission during Jinora"s visit.

Wan Shi Tong enacts a policy before the begin of the original collection that those looking to use the library essential to add knowledge to its collection, though the bar for what qualified as knowledge seemed to it is in pretty low. The readily embraced Katara"s waterbending scrolls just as well as Aang"s want poster and Sokka"s knot. But when Jinora saw later and also offered the truth behind the inner functions of a radio, a discovery emerged since Wan Shi Tong"s reprieve indigenous the mortal realm, the spirit owl scoffed because he already knew how they worked.

It turned out that he to be mistaken (the understanding Seekers evidently told him over there were tiny operators within radios), yet it"s clear the Wan Shi Tong nevertheless ongoing his mission to keep compiling knowledge. If the heart did not actually must be existing in the mortal kingdom to proceed his mission, his true an inspiration seems come be much more hidden. Although it is not lacking altogether.

The indication seems to be the Wan Shi Tong go not constantly hate humans, and also initially available his library as a source for other lovers of expertise such as himself. The recurring betrayals of mankind over time likely soured his relationship, however it turns out when Jinora visits that there is one person Wan Shi Tong holds an amicable partnership with: Unalaq. Little is known around the relationship between the two, but Wan Shi Tong transforms Jinora end to Unalaq readily and also calls the chef of the north Water tribe a "true friend" come spirits.

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While numerous spirits continue to be in the heart World and others visit the human civilization to protect specific environments or traditions, Wan Shi Tong seems to have actually a far more facility relationship with humanity that he does not offer so readily. Greedy power-seekers choose Zhao might have given humans a poor name, but Wan Shi Tong"s initial partnership with humans and his later on friendship through Unalaq appears to indicate that they"re not all so bad in his book.