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Artist: FoesumAlbum: PerfectionSong: Don't get It TwistedNow concerned scoop me up around 10, M&MDont forget the hennessey, juice or ginWe bouts to take another trip so just dip in the FoeI obtained a box of Phillies and I'm puttin em by the doorI'm ready to acquire my ride on hoppin side to sideGot this hoes jockin, video game recognizeRollin with my kinfolk, sippin on a brewSpittin game to skirts, for this reason tell em what we doNow we be keepin points on the DL so we roll lateDippin, while I'm sippin on part gin and also some OJLeanin come the side of the ride favor the G's doLayin low as soon as you see some nobody see's youPut the mash under anytime that its called uponMakin fools action aside cuz M&M and also Dubb's onRegulatin thangs, so examine the statisticsComin at that ass, therefore dont gain it twisted(Chorus)Don't acquire it twisted, for you'll never see a job againDon't acquire it twisted, infant baby infant baby, never ever see a dogg again
Lowrider, lets gain a small higherPass roughly the blunt and also spark the fireSittin laid back in the zoneSo I'm a take two hits climate I'm a happen it onPass it below cuz I'll be blowin much more smoke 보다 a chimneyAnd I'm bombed in cuz the Chronic simply hit meCreepin in a fo and the ragtop's whiteFlossin with Dubb hittin switches in ~ the stop lightNow permit me flip the tape, while we let the ass scrapeAnd pump your brakes if the Dubb illustratesSomethin for the homeys puttin it down prefer GsCuz thats just how we carry out it in the LBCComin right ago at that ass, makin stupid pay the costGettin points heated if its essential with the niner rawThink you slow-moving ya roll so think twice once we kicks itSo obtain it right fool, and dont obtain it twisted(Chorus)Don't gain it twisted, for you'll never see a day againDon't get it twisted, infant baby baby, never see a dogg againNow we be, runnin game on hoes prefer a track meetGot the sounds bumpin from the trunk and also the backseatHoldin a fixed of chips while i smoke a fat JComin up out the West coastline where the gangstas and the ballers stay(hell yeah) stoppin and also hoppin and also droppin the foe to the floorHittin a move on a lips and we dippin homey cuz we like it lowCreepin increase the block hoes jock cuz we're on theseDubb rest it down for me through the eye of a G

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Now some of y'all niggas dont understand me however you best a slow yo rollCrawlin in my Chevy currently I'm hittin trey wheel moDefinitely for result you know I'm under for mine cityWhen I'm rollin in mine ride with some drank and a PhillySo homey allows take a dive cuz us goin expedition tonight, it is on the realHere come ? Locc in a Cadillac SevilleWith the peak dropped back, complete of skirts, allows handle businessTime to get lifted, however dont acquire it twisted(Chorus)Don't obtain it twisted, for you'll never ever see a work againDon't get it twisted, infant baby baby baby, never see a dogg again