This trophy is story related, and unmissable. It will certainly unlock as soon as you have actually freed Doc indigenous the ropes at the courthouse.For the finish trophy walkthrough, watch below.

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Interact through IntercomInteract v IntercomDialog (Guard): "Why's my stuff locked in a cage?"Dialog (Guard): "Can i take a look in ~ my stuff?"Interact with home window (The one over the poster, not by the intercom).Interact with Squawk BoxDialog (George): "Is over there any means I can talk come Jennifer?" come exit.Interact v Squawk BoxDialog (George): "I tried come peek end the guard's shoulder..." use Item ~ above Marty's etc to equip.Interact with Squawk box (With Marty's guitar equipped.)Interact through Door.Trophy: "The power of Love?" Unlocked!Walk roughly past Jennifer's room.Interact through Food TrayInteract through Door (The one directly behind the other guard and food try). Usage Item 1986 Newspaper come equip.Interact v "Crack Under Door" (With 1986 Newspaper equipped)Interact through Intercom (next to Biff's door.)Dialog (Biff): "Eat your Pill".Interact with NewspaperTurn around and also walk in the direction of the Guard. Usage Item "Pill" come equip.Interact with Soda (With Pill equipped).Interact with manage Panel.Interact with Volume Slider.Interact with Olfactory Slider. To exit.Walk roughly to the door whereby Edna and the various other guard were.Interact with door. Use Item Marty's etc to equip.Interact with Microphone (With Marty's guitar equipped.)Trophy: "Free citizens Brown" Unlocked!

Scene transforms to town Square, 1986.

Dialog (Doc): "What perform we perform now?"Dialog (Doc): "Where IS the DeLorean, anyway?"Dialog (Doc): "What to be Edna doing come you?"Dialog (Doc): "Why'd friend marry Edna anyway?"Try to relocate to breakthrough the scene.Dialog (Edna): "Doc's actual wife is means cooler 보다 you."Dialog (Edna): "He's qualified of doing good things without you."Dialog (Edna): "You influenced him come do negative things."

Scene alters to Hill Valley, 1931.

Dialog (Doc): AnyDialog (Doc): AnyInteract through EmmettDialog (Emmett): AnyDialog (Emmett): AnyDialog (Emmett): AnyDialog (Emmett): AnyInteract with Courthouse Doors.

Scene changes to Hill sink Highschool.

Interact with EdnaDialog (Edna): AnyDialog (Edna): AnyDialog (Edna): AnyInteract with Edna. Come exit.Interact through DeLorean.Walk over to the prior of the school.Interact v Trixie.Dialog (Trixie): "Help me do Edna jealous!" to exit.Interact v Edna.Dialog (Edna): "I talked to Trixie" come exit.Walk end to the right, near the truck.Interact with Cueball.Dialog (Cueball): "Will you be play for Trixie later?"Dialog (Cueball): "You seem angry about Trixie."Dialog (Cueball): "What's so toe-curling around Trixie's past?"Dialog (Cueball): "My mom came on come me."Dialog (Cueball): "What's through your teeth?"Dialog (Cueball): "Seriously, around your teeth." to exit. To open up her inventory. ~ above the Postcard to study it.Trophy: "There's a Moose?" Unlocked! to exit. Use Item algae Cakes come equip.Interact v Cueball (With algae Cakes equipped.) usage Item algae Cakes to equip.Interact through "Guy" (With birds Cakes equipped.) use Item birds Cakes come equip.Interact with Edna (With algae Cakes equipped.) usage Item birds Cakes come equip.Interact through Arthur McFly (With algae Cakes equipped.)Walk towards the screen. Usage Item birds Cakes come equip.Interact with Trixie. (With algae Cakes equipped.)Walk over to the DeLorean. Usage Item birds Cakes to equip.Interact through Doc (With algae Cakes equipped.)Walk ago to the former of the building. Usage Item Postcard come equip.Interact v Edna (With Postcard equipped.)Interact v Trixie.Walk come the "Hill sink of the Future" hut, simply to the right.Interact v the Train of the Future.Dialog (Edna): AnyInteract v Button. (Wait because that the booth to avoid talking).Interact v the third button from the left (Middle).Interact v the 4th button native the left (To the ideal of the middle button. Do this quickly, when the 3rd is quiet active.)Interact through Diamond shaped Prism.Interact through Street.

Scene changes to Emmett's lab.

Interact with Oil Can.Interact with Stack of mind Maps.Interact v Stack of mind Maps again. (Repeat until Emmett mentions the 90% Hooligan Rate. Thanks you PsychoRaven for this here.)Trophy: "Edna to be Right!" Unlocked!"Interact v Odd feather Printer.Interact v Mind Map check Switch. Use Item birds Cakes come equip.Interact with Emmett (With algae Cakes equipped.)Trophy: "Let castle Eat, Um, Cake" Unlocked!Interact v Slide Advancer.Interact with Stew Pot.Interact v Slide Advancer.Interact v Valve.Interact with Valve again.Interact through Slide Advancer.Interact with Stew Pot.Interact with Stew Pot again.Interact v Slide Advancer.Interact v Valve.Interact v Valve again.Interact with Slide Advancer.Interact with Stew Pot.Interact through Stew Pot again.Interact through Slide Advancer. Use Item mind Map to equip.Interact with mental Alignment Meter (With mental Map equipped.)Interact through Easel,Dialog (Emmett): It's no so good. Usage Item mind Map to equip.Interact through "Emmett's psychic Map" (With mental Map equipped.)Trophy: "A Not-So-Beautiful Mind" Unlocked!Interact with picture Album. Use Item Oil have the right to to equip.Interact with Emmett (With Oil can equipped.)Interact with Cleanser Shower.Interact v Cleanser Spray Bottle.Interact with Exit.Interact through Emmett.Dialog (Emmett): "You Can't marry Edna!"Dialog (Emmett): "Your as well young!"Dialog (Emmett): "You're claimed to marry who else!"Trophy: "An Uncomfortable Truth" Unlocked!Dialog (Emmett): "Forget it..." come exit.Interact through Exit.

Scene transforms to Hill valley Highschool.

Walk end to the Hill valley of the past hut. Usage Item Spray bottle to equip.Interact through Caveman (With Spray party equipped.)Interact with Caveman. Use Item picture Album to equip.Interact with Trixie. (With picture Album equipped.) use Item Prism to equip.Interact through Trixie (With Prism equipped.) use Item Mink Stale come equip.Interact v Trixie (With Mink Stale equipped.)Trophy: "The various other Woman" Unlocked!Walk over to the DeLorean. Usage Item Spray bottle to equip.Interact through DeLorean (With Spray party equipped.)Interact with DeLorean.Interact v Doc.Dialog (Doc): "The light's green!"Interact through DeLorean. (If the light is red, wait a few minutes then check again. If that is green, proceed to the next step.)Interact through Doc.Dialog (Doc): "The light's green!"Trophy: "Like a Not-so-Fine Wine." Unlocked!

Scene transforms to Emmett's Lab.

Dialog (Edna): "Carl Sagan desires to speak to you."Dialog (Edna): "He has a lead on the 'Speakeasy Arsonist'." usage Item Spray party to equip.Interact through Emmett (With Spray party equipped.)

Scene alters to Hill sink High School.

Dialog (Doc): AnyDialog (Doc): AnyDialog (Doc): "Alone and also miserable."Dialog (Doc): "She rotate you right into a puppet!"Dialog (Doc): AnyTrophy: "Timely Traveler" Unlocked!

This is the suggest of no return. Do anything else you plan to do prior to taking the next step, together you cannot walk back.

Interact with Emmett.

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Trophy: "Breaking up is hard To Do"

Scene alters to the courthouse.

Dialog (Emmett): Any.Dialog (Emmett): Any.Dialog (Emmett): Any.Dialog (Emmett): "You care around inventing!"Dialog (Emmett): Um.Dialog (Emmett); "You care around me!"Dialog (Emmett): "No."Dialog (Emmett): "I did it for the hell that it."Dialog (Emmett): "You're Delusional!"Trophy: "Your Own personal Frankenstein" Unlocked!Interact through Emmett.Dialog (Emmett): "Got noþeles useful?" to exit.Interact with Rope.Climb come the bottom.Interact v Cleanser Spray Bottle. Usage Item Spray party to equip.Interact with Rope (With Spray party equipped.)Interact v Courthouse Doors.Interact v Rope.Swing native left come right, to obtain close come Emmett.Interact with Emmett. Usage Item Spray party to equip.Interact with Emmett (With Spray bottle equipped.)Trophy: "To the Expo!"