with his distinctive style and also delivery, Jm Ross is among the most iconic WWE announcers of every time. Let"s look back by looking at part gut-busting memes

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Jim Ross is among the many iconic announcers in expert wrestling, a barbecue and college football-obsessed Okie who southwestern drawl and 10-gallon hat characterized WWE’s perspective Era. His contribute to the late 1990s rings is so far-ranging that his standard call from that Undertaker vs. Mankind Hell in a Cell match -- You understand the one: bah gawd, somebody stops the cursed match, and so on -- is commonly put over footage indigenous non-wrestling points to develop hilarious viral video content. However what around classic photo macro format memes? space there any type of of those together it pertains to great Ol’ J.R.?

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You much better believe over there are! So, with that in mind, let’s take it a look in ~ ten the the funniest Jim Ross memes.

In 2016, Shane McMahon and also The Undertaker had a Hell in a cabinet match, with McMahon’s condition in the firm at stake. McMahon lost yet still gained to be an onscreen authority figure because his dad feel bad.

The large moment in the match had McMahon do an elbow drop turn off the height of the cabinet onto the Undertaker together the Dead man laid ~ above the announce table. Jim Ross’ many iconic call is indigenous a Hell in a cell match, therefore this picture is around that.

one of the weirder things WWE did come Jim Ross was publicly unpleasant him any type of time Raw came to his residence state of Oklahoma. Vince McMahon seems to think this is the funniest thing in the world.

for this reason one night ~ above Raw involved Oklahoma City and also announced the the episode would certainly be a J.R. Appreciation Night, which method that something embarrassing was certainly going to happen. So out comes centimeter Punk to browbeat Jim Ross and also stomp top top his big hat.

together established, Vince McMahon has a special place in his heart for providing Jim Ross a ridiculously tough time top top television, and fans have taken notice.

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Stuff prefer that and other incidents -- this segment wherein John Cena rips Michael Cole’s clothing off and also douses him through J.R.’s own BBQ sauce, for example -- is viewed as being in ~ odds v WWE’s homegrown anti-bullying campaign, referred to as “Be a STAR,” i m sorry WWE regularly provided to promote on the TV shows.

This meme celebrate the defining figures that “old school” wrestling, despite the inclusion of bill Watts and also Paul Heyman would mean defining “old school” as “anything that happened before the year 2000. Jim Ross was a central figure in the attitude Era, but his career goes ago through civilization Championship Wrestling, NWA, and Mid-South Wrestling, making the the many “old school” man working today.

This picture is funny because it exist to slam Vince Russo, recognized for contributing to the attitude Era WWE before derailing both WCW and also TNA.

one of Jim Ross’ many popular and meme-worthy call is “That man has a family!” i m sorry is scheduled for any time something specifically brutal has actually been done in wrestling and also originates from an incident where Kane ceded a Tombstone Piledriver to an chaste WWE Timekeeper.

here we view J.R. And his broadcast companion Jerry Lawler react to a headline around a mrs being assaulted by a rhino (but no Rhyno).

here’s the same photo of J.R. And The King yet used for a totally different function -- to mock WWE’s shameless plugging of Tout. In 2012, WWE invest $5 million in a social networking application called Tout.

Imagine if Vines were double as long and less funny -- and also spent the following two years promoting it as much as feasible by airing Touts of fans rambling around how cm Punk may say he’s the best in the world, but he can’t check out John Cena.

This picture is all about how many modern WWE play-by-play guys simply don’t compare to Jim Ross. Michael Cole might be nicknamed “The Voice of the WWE,” but he’s not exactly beloved by fans, who criticize him for being a vanilla personality that basically says whatever he’s told to say by the boss backstage.

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also less lover is mockery Mathews -- now the lead commentator for influence Wrestling -- that is usually a frat residence version that Michael Cole.

As declared earlier, memers love to put J.R.’s classic Hell in a Cell call over videos of world getting wrecked in one method or another. This Jim Ross-themed NBA picture is the still variation of that, showing a shooting of a dejected Lebron James as his Cleveland Cavaliers are losing by 39 points come the gold State warrior in the 4th quarter.

Brutal stuff, made also rougher by the idea that Jim Ross screaming around how you’ve died before his eyes.

you can’t walk wrong through a *Stares in _____* Descriptive Noise meme, specifically when it pertains to a figure with a bunch of catchphrases, such as Jim Ross.

His Oklahoman drawl has turned his trademark exclamation that “BY GOD” right into “BAW GAWD,” which has actually proven to be a seemingly countless supply of image fuel. This one concerns the miracle of a wrestler falling indigenous a great height, yet not obtaining the Mick Foley treatment.

While that lasted, the “Avenge the Fallen” trend was a fun period in image history. The movie Avengers: Endgame was coming out, and also Disney placed out lots of character posters featuring the many beloved personalities that passed away in Infinity War, portrayed in black and white through the phrase “Avenge the Fallen” emblazoned throughout them.

doing it with J.R. Is an extremely appropriate -- after all, who in this civilization is an ext fallen 보다 Mick Foley?

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