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We space constantly influenced by the tough work and dedication of our Ballet Beauties. You every are so committed and devoted to your workouts and we love how you encourage each other to believe in and achieve your goals! We have actually heard countless amazing stories about how Ballet Beautiful has actually helped you obtain confidence and be your ideal selves, and we want to share them with the rest of our beautiful ar so we might all motivate and celebrate each other.

A few weeks ago, we asked our BB Beauties on on facebook to share their success stories through us, and also we were blown far by the responses ? We got so many good submissions indigenous BB Beauties all about the human being that we space going to continue this as a recurring series, so continue to be tuned for an ext and please store sharing her stories with us. We always love hear from our BB community!

Here space your an initial four Ballet Beautiful Journeys! us hope they inspire you as lot as they motivated us!

xoxo — The Ballet Beautiful Team

Michelle Hakkensen 

I was overweight every my life till I lost weight v the help of a nutritionist once I was 17 and never discovered a an excellent workout regime until I found Ballet Beautiful. Ns can’t highlight sufficient how Ballet Beautiful transformed my body. I never thought it was possible for me to even come close come the results I have actually been seeing. The before picture was bring away a year ~ my boy was born. I had to go through years that hormonal therapy until i got pregnant with a IVF try. In my pregnancy I to be on bed remainder for 12 weeks. Ns was happy the we got a healthy baby boy however the inactivity take it its toll. I discovered Ballet Beautiful through chance and also got in the finest shape of mine life both mentally and also physically. Furthermore, ns feel an excellent despite my PCOS problem simply because the entirety Ballet Beautiful lifestyle brings mine life right into balance. I feel empowered and solid – all many thanks to you.

Julieta Campos


I love BB, it fully changed my life. The snapshot on the left to be taken in July of 2013 as soon as I was at mine heaviest, weeks prior to I found Ballet Beautiful. The picture on the appropriate was take away in January that 2016 after virtually a year that committing to doing BB and BB only for 6 days a week. I shed 25 pounds over 8 month complying with the BB mindset and using the BB practice Workout and also DVDs.

Chiara Forni

With the exemption of yoga, i beg your pardon led to an essential wrist injury, I’ve constantly hated functioning out. Ns hated the screaming instructors, the cheesy music and the muscular look that it provided me. I’ve constantly dreaded the workout time and also I kept offering up ~ above every technique I tried.

When ns came throughout the Ballet Beautiful book and also the classic DVD everything changed for me. I found a entirety new way of taking care of my body, one I currently look forward to, and also this led me to evaluate my body, together imperfect together it is, come have brand-new confidence, and also to stay the very first pair that skinny jeans in my entire life.

Ballet Beautiful enhanced my posture and slimmed my legs, and likewise gave me a healthier method to life, and definitely much more self confidence. Ns went indigenous not working out in ~ all, come doing one hour the Ballet Beautiful 5 times a week consistently for 2 years.

It’s magic! The workouts space tough yet even if I’m no coordinated, or blessed through great flexibility, I have actually never felt favor it to be too much to handle and also have never ever felt like giving up. I have actually never hurt myself or driven my body as well much, and still saw remarkable results, slimmed down, gained an ext flexibility and also strength. I’m for this reason grateful mary Helen gone into the fitness world or i would probably still be crying around my wrist.

Emily Hoehne

A few months ago, I offered birth come my an initial baby. The pregnant was yes, really traumatic, and also my human body went with a lot. Ns felt so lot pressure come get ago to my “pre-pregnancy” human body as shortly as my baby was born and started make a plan on exactly how to achieve that. Right before my infant was born, however, i came across an interview v Mary Helen Bowers around post-pregnancy exercise that totally changed everything.

In the article, Mary Helen talks around viewing ours post-pregnancy body in terms of a whole brand-new body and also celebrating what ours bodies have done to grow and also deliver a baby. My perspective and appreciation for my body automatically changed.

Now, 4 months post-pregnancy, i have exercised consistently and feel that i am in the strongest and also best shape of my life. I have not stepped ~ above a scale, and I am not on a diet, and also I recognize my body has changed for the better. Adopting mary Helen’s mindset of gratitude and also celebration because that the impressive body that i have has actually made all the difference. I am exercising and also eating well daily since it helps my body feel good and execute at the optimum.

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I love mine Ballet Beautiful DVDs and online workouts! say thanks to you because that sharing a program and life-changing approach with me and also so countless others.