No matter where in the human being you may be, a VPN is just one of the easiest methods to watch Barcelona vs Bayern Munich. Obtain in top top this deal now!

How to watch Barcelona vs Bayern Munich virtual in the US

CBS has actually exclusive broadcast rights to the UEFA Champions league Cup in the US and also will be mirroring tonight"s game via its new streaming business Paramount Plus. Kick-off in the us is at 3PM ET/12pm PT.Paramount Plus right now costs $9.99 a month because that the ad-free version, or $5.99 a month with ads. If you"re new to the organization you can at this time take advantage of a free trial, which method you deserve to watch tonight"s activity without paying a dime.

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Cord cutters likewise have the choice of over-the-top organization Fubo TV i m sorry carries CBS and also currently has actually a cost-free 7-day trial (it normally prices $64.99 a month).

Finally, there"s additionally Spanish language coverage accessible in the us via TUDN and Univision.

How to stream the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich live in the UK

BT Sports has actually exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions organization in the UK and will be mirroring tonight"s action from Madrid via the BT sports ESPN channel. Kick off is in ~ 8pm BST.

The channel is obtainable to both BT TV client from simply £10 extra a month top top contract, and can be included on by Sky, Virgin Media and also TalkTalk subscribers together well, however if you don"t want to tied come an long contract, BT Sport additionally now uses the option of a Monthly happen which gives you access to every BT channels and also costs £25 a month ~ above a rolling basis.

Live present Barcelona vs Bayern Munich in Australia

Stan sports is the brand-new network come head to because that watching the Champions league Down Under, and also kick-off because that tonight"s large clash in between these two European footballing giants is collection for 5am AEST top top Wednesday morning.

Stan Sports can be streamed via cell phone and tablet computer with the channel"s app, through a subscription costing $10 per month on peak of a regular $10 Stan sub, v the service at this time offering a totally free 7 job trial for brand-new customers.

Live currently the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich live in Canada

As with all 21/22 Champions league action, tonight"s Barcelona vs Bayern Munich will be displayed exclusively in Canada via streaming service DAZN, v kick off collection for 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

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DAZN prices CAD$20 per month or CAD$150 every year in Canada - but the network is also offering a 1-month free trial if you"ve never used the organization before.