Malaysia tries come broker peace between Kristen, Cece and Londen, Tami"s daughters are upset at her for eloping, and also Jennifer comes confront to face with Shaunie and also Evelyn.

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Tami opens up up about her ex-husband"s stroke, OG voices her opinion about Kristen and also Cece"s effort to mend your relationship, and also things obtain heated between OG and also Kristen.

OG deals with the after-effects of she actions, Tami chooses a side, Shaunie finds a for sure haven, Cece intimidates to sever ties through her mixed family, and also Malaysia looks for answers.

Malaysia confronts OG at Cece"s engagement party, Shaunie considers inviting Jennifer on the next ladies" trip, and Tami decides to go public with her marriage.

On the san Diego trip, tensions in between Evelyn and also Jennifer instantly boil over, Jennifer opens up up about her mom"s passing, and Malaysia tries to repair the Scott family members rift.

Malaysia doesn"t believe Jennifer has actually turned end a new leaf, OG threatens Feby end an insulting rap, and Byron clarifies his role in the dispersing of the cutting board rumor.
Jennifer calls the end Cece over an incriminating text message, Tami pursues a brand-new career path, and also Shaunie"s family members celebrates Shareef"s development in his recovery.
Jen diffusion gossip about Tami and also Feby, leading to tension in between all the ladies involved, and also when anyone gets together at a roller-skating party the wheel come off.
Malaysia, Feby and also Jackie gain into a close to brawl, Evelyn make the efforts to gain Malaysia answers, Jackie and also OG take it the females to court, and Evelyn reconnects with her ex"s daughter.
Jackie disrupts Jennifer"s cancer benefit looking for a fight, OG sets increase a meeting through Byron and also Cece to assist Kwame"s career, and a an unfavorable story gets leaked come the press.
OG begins making the shift from soccer player to coach, Shaunie and also Evelyn offer speed dating a try, and some the the ladies are no-shows to Jackie"s podcast roundtable.
After a questionable photo-op, the ladies shot to figure out whereby they every stand through Jennifer, Shaunie broadens her organization interests, and Tami makes a shocking announcement.
Tensions run high in Costa Rica when Cece it s okay mad at Evelyn because that dredging up her family drama, Feby drunkenly rants at Jackie, and Jackie accuses Feby of gift a medicine addict.
The group"s expedition to Costa Rica is complete of fireworks as Cece mirrors a different side, Jackie and also Feby profession jabs, and OG beginning a rumor around Evelyn"s ex.
Shaunie is fed up through OG"s consistent threats the violence, Evelyn prints out part compromising DMs between OG and Chad, and also Jackie is compelled to select sides.
The Season 8 cast joins organize Marc Lamont Hill because that a look earlier at an unforgettable season, yet not prior to some behind-the-scenes preshow drama with OG, Cece and also Jackie.
Jackie attempts to prove her innocence, Malaysia and Jennifer face off, Shaunie discusses the influence of colorism, and one woman makes an unanticipated exit.
Shaunie breaks significant news about her future in L.A., Evelyn initiates a meeting with Jackie and Malaysia, and Jackie"s plans to gain the group together are upended by COVID-19.
The ladies attend to COVID-19 and also the polite unrest adhering to George Floyd"s death, Malaysia has a an overwhelming talk v her kids, and Evelyn"s mansion getaway idea gets a blended reception.
The ladies arrive at their corresponding mansions, Evelyn gets unanticipated news native Feby, Liza talks through Shaunie about a financial conflict with she ex, and also Kristen tries come make tranquility with OG.
Liza tries to relocate on from she ex, Nia and Noria Dorsey sign up with the staycation, OG opens up around the racism she experienced as a kid, and Malaysia and Jackie attend to their fraught friendship.
Evelyn and Malaysia talk about putting your feud through Jackie aside in stimulate to gain their vacation after the anxiety of managing COVID-19 and also racial injustice end the previous months.
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