A full-service family practice of dedicated and experienced doctors who believe in working through our patients to maintain and also improve your health.

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We accept most public and private insurance money plans. Patients will certainly be responsible for services not spanned by their insurance.


We sell a selection of services:

Primary family Care

Osteopathic Manipulation




Diabetes Management


Medical Marijuana Certification



Important update

Dear Patients,

Be well My friend Integrative Health center is happy to announce the expansion of our team that practitioners and also services assisting our present patients as well as the better Augusta community.

We have actually recently invited two new medical experts to our BWMF household practice team.

Erin Gallagher, family members Nurse Practitioner (FNP), a graduate of Simmons college who bring to BWMF a large breadth and also depth of experience from pediatric to geriatric care, throughout specialties at major hospitals and dedicated practices. She has been well-known for clinical excellence with The Alumni Award because that Holistic Health. Erin is enthusiastically transitioning into her brand-new role at BWMF.

Kateri Jeffery, household Nurse Practitioner (FNP), a graduate native Massachusetts college of Pharmacy and also Health sciences with a master’s level in nursing. She previous experience as a registered nurse afforded her invaluable experience at community and also federally qualified health centers, private practice and Maine medical Center. Kateri is cursed to giving high quality patient treatment with a personal connection.

BWMF is additionally expanding our addiction solutions to help deal with the destructive scourge that opioid addiction affecting our community. We are all aware of the hefty toll that the opioid epidemic has taken on families struggling with addiction, and also it is only acquiring worse throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At Be well My Friend, we room working to aid by widening our treatment for those dealing with the obstacles of opiate addiction with the recently established Behavioral health & Recovery solutions division. Dr. Kevin Kenerson is leading this initiative together the Clinical Director. Return his primary focus will it is in on seeks services into the close to future, he remains committed to his primary care patients. Dr. Kenerson’s patients will change to our nurse practitioners, v oversight through Dr. Kenerson, throughout this start-up phase. Dr. Dufresne will proceed to watch Primary care patients and will assist with the Recovery Services division.

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We evaluate your support of Be fine My Friend’s Integrative Health center as we proceed to heed the calls for help from our patients and also the community.