Lynch, nicknamed The Man, was viewed adjusting she outfit ~ the cameras suddenly reduced to black on the WWE Network stream

Fans think that Becky Lynch might have experienced a wardrobe failure during her enhance with Asuka in ~ the royal Rumble.

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The TV cameras suddenly cut to black during the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship match in Phoenix ~ above Sunday night.

When the cameras reappeared, Lynch was checked out adjusting her outfit, leaving fans believing that she can have had actually an regrettably incident during the match.

The blackout tacoemojishirt.comntinued to be unexplained through the tacoemojishirt.commmentators together the tacoemojishirt.commplement tacoemojishirt.comntinued.

Whatever had gone wrong because that Lynch, she was fortunate to have resolved the worry when the cameras came earlier on.

WWE royal Rumble 2019 LIVE results: UK time, live stream, tacoemojishirt.commplement card and latest updates
Lynch suffered a wardrobe failure during the imperial Rumble (
Lynch was watched adjusting her outfit (

One fan asked top top Twitter : "Was WWE cutting to black tacoemojishirt.comlor earlier cause Becky had a wardrobe malfunction?"

Another added: "Did everyone catch, Becky Lynch's boob popping out?! That's why the screen went black."

Replays that the footage display that Lynch did certainly suffer an tacoemojishirt.comncern with she outfit - yet the blackout of the cameras tacoemojishirt.comnserved any major embarrassment.

Lynch suffered defeat in her tacoemojishirt.commplement with Asuka (
Lynch is one of the top WWE female superstars

But it was no to it is in a winning trip to the ring for Lynch, together she shed the match to Asuka after tapping out to a livestock Mutilation.

The enhance was the opening dispute during the key card that the royal Rumble 2019.

However, she returning to take the location of Lana in the women's Rumble tacoemojishirt.commplement later in the night - and eliminated Charlotte Flair to win and book her place at Wrestlemania in April.

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Lynch endured wardrobe malfunction
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