As you can have heard about the relics build and also how complicated it is to farm yard them, girlfriend must have been thinking that neo relic is also tricky come find, but that is not. Though meso relic is relatively tough come farm, the neo relic is quite simpler to find.

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Yes, you have heard the right. Neo relic farming seems relatively tricky, however it is not that difficult to farm. Neo relics room the easiest in all the relics because that farming.


Though that is less complicated to farm yard neo relics, you will have actually to get to the best missions and also with the right set of Warframes and weapons to obtain through the mission. Also, if you walk for agriculture the meso relics, there room still 50% chances of getting the neo relics.

Although neo relics are simpler to find and farm, girlfriend will have to collect a reasonable lot of neo relics to gain the primed Warframes and weapons. So, overall, the is no that basic to farm.

Best areas to farm yard Neo Relic

As friend now know that neo relic is straightforward to find, that is easily accessible at some places, and also you will need to do a tiny bit the research about the areas so that you walk for only those places where you discover neo relics in the large amount.

You will certainly be necessary the neo relics in a huge amount since if you desire to farm yard potent weapons and strong Warframes. Also, if you room looking to farm primed weapons, climate you will certainly be essential a an excellent amount of neo relics.


So, now we will be mentioning all those locations where it will be less complicated for us to acquire lots that neo relics in a single go without facing numerous difficulties. Though over there are plenty of missions that deserve to drop a an excellent amount of neo relics, we desire those goals that insurance to drop numerous neo relics. The two central locations for dropping neo relics are the Mithra, Void, and also the Cetus Bounty (Earth).

Mithra is considered the ideal place to drop neo relics because, in ~ Mithra, the A- Rotation and the B-Rotation guarantee to fall neo relics v 100% chances, and, the C-Rotation gives surety that dropping Axi relics with 100% chances. So, that is better if you pick these two prime locations to collection an substantial amount that neo relics for the farming of weapons and also Warframes.

Warframes for Neo Relics Farming

Though collecting the neo relics is a lot much easier than collecting the meso relics, however still, you will certainly be needed to take it some strong Warframes through you so that you deserve to fight through the opponents in the mission.

You can take any Warframe together the enemies are not that solid in those missions however still, the most vital ability the you will certainly be essential to usage is survivability so that you can kill the enemies.

These space the Warframes that you deserve to take to protect against you from getting killed in the mission.

Nova – Nova is the first and the foremost an option of nearly every player due to the fact that of its tragic abilities. You deserve to play as a slow Nova in the mission and use its molecular Prime ability to dodge the attacks and also kill all those adversaries that are existing there in the mission.Volt – Volt is likewise a brilliant choice to take in the mission because of its rate ability. Every you need in the mission is to survive throughout the mission and good speed so the you can defend yourself from getting killed and also kill a bunch of enemies.Wisp – Wisp is a strong Warframe, and also if you take it Wisp for the mission, it would be an excellent for you. However, there is no require for together a strong Warframe in the mission as the opponents are no that much much more substantial, however still, it is great choice to take it a strong Warframe so the you execute not hazard yourself.

Neo Relic farm yard Bounties

There are two-tier 4 bounty objectives that room unheard of, and also no one talks about them. These two-tier four missions room the Orb Vallis and also the levels of Eidolon. Though human being do not talk about these two missions, these two goals are extremely essential missions, and also they fall the new relic additions. Also, there room high possibilities of obtaining a bounty ~ above stage four or five, and also they will certainly drop 4 to 5 drops of relics in a brief period.

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Neo relics is straightforward to farm as it is easily accessible at many locations. However still, if you desire to collect it because that farming potent weapons and also Warframes, friend will have to take the in a large amount, and also for that, friend will need to pick only those goals where drop prices are 100%. So, overall, neo relics are straightforward to collect only if you understand on which areas you need to look on.