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How To gain Hide

Hide is a resource in ARK survive Evolved.

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The most efficient way to harvest it is with a Chainsaw, otherwise, you\"ll want to use a steel Hatchet.

If friend haven\"t obtained metal however then provide your rock Hatchet or Pickaxe a swing!

Players can get Hide indigenous deceased creatures\" bodies.

It will become vital resource from start to finish and is widely accessible throughout ARK.

Some creatures will not carry out you through Hide though the big majority do.

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Crafting v Hide

Hide can craft the complying with items:

Hide resting BagWaterskinWater JarSaddlesPlatform SaddlesSlingshotSmithyMetal PickMetal HatchetPikeLongneck RifleCloth GlovesHide ArmorFur ArmorChitin ArmorFlak ArmorSCUBA GearHeavy Miner\"s HelmetWooden Spike WallMetal Spike WallFlagWooden RaftC4 ChargeGrenadeImprovised Explosive Device

It deserve to be supplied to craft an ext items than the above but these space objectively the many useful.

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