Hey everyone, So i was wondering, what is everyone's preferred means of agriculture mob souls? i am make the efforts to do a dragon resurrection, and need 4 mob souls for the resurrection stone. How does everyone farm souls? What do you carry out to get particular mob ones? provide everyone your opinion!


I do the enderman one. Create a platform high up and put cursed earth there. Then have a pan from open blocks or something push them over and fall. Friend can also just push them come one next if your sword have enough damage yet I favor to obtain mine come .5 hp. Then just sit there and swing away through the draconic evolution sword. So much fun. You acquire a the majority of dimlets too.

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I set up a mob farm, with a Killer joe together the damages source. And then provide it a Draconic Sword v the reaping machine enchant on it.

Make certain its reaping machine V. EnderIO and also Bibliocraft have the right to make it simple to duplicate books to integrate them to update them. So even if you just start with reaping machine I, you can work toward reaping machine V. And also having a Charging Station adjacent to keep the Draconic knife repaired will certainly let it operation forever.

you don't require a specific mob souls because that the resurrection rock any 4 will certainly work.

without reaper you can acquire the heart of any mob ( other than the ones with boss health bar ) only by killing any mob v a wyvern or a draconic sword . The rates are 1 in 1000 for enemy mobs and 1 in 800 for peaceful mobs.

to get Reaper simply enchant gold or wyvern or a draconic sword in between level 15-30 , however you can only gain Reaper V by combining two reaping machine 4 books which will certainly make the rates about 1 in 50.

I execute wither/skele farm yard in nether witth MFR. Sit inside spawning an are with your draconic carmour so cant die and the sword with looting 3 and reaper V. Obtain souls and wither skulls. Just stick a tv show on netflix and grind.

I go it v an Etheric knife from XU in one autonomous activator, enchanted with reaping machine IV and some other stuff, and also using MFR spawners to start with.

A straightforward mob farm yard (I use stabilized spawners) v conveyor belts and also a couple of diamond spikes. Enchant those with reaper V and you'll have much more souls 보다 you ever need in no time...

Farming mob souls... Autonomous Activator+Reaper V draconic sword. (on a next note, i'm functioning on a way to farm yard ender dragon automatically, and also this mob soul farm is going to be component of it.)

Safari network > MFR Spawner > 1 passive mob soul. As soon as you have actually one soul simply put that in a draconic spawner and also continue killing them.

Repeat until you have actually 10-20+ draconic spawners all spawning the exact same passive mobs. 4 Souls bring away ~15-20 seconds once it's raining animals.

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