Void Traces are one of the most crucial resources in Warframe. Castle play a crucial part in the steps associated in acquiring brand-new Warframes and weapons in the game, and it always helps to have actually a the majority of Traces in your inventory when new content releases.

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In this guide, we’ll be taking you v why Void Traces are so important, how to successfully farm them, and also how girlfriend can significantly increase the variety of Traces that drop in missions.

What space Warframe Void Traces and also Why space They Important?

Like every good looter-shooter, the core gameplay that Warframe revolves roughly acquiring an effective gear together you progression through the game. Warframes and weapons space made of components. Contents are make of resources that can be obtained through objectives that girlfriend can finish throughout the starchart. However, most components won’t just drop v missions.


You will have to farm because that these contents through Warframe’s lootboxes, called “Void Relics”. Void Relics are free and drop as mission rewards. These Relics deserve to be opened by act Void Fissure missions. On efficiently completing the mission, the Void Relic will reward among its feasible rewards.

Here’s where Void Traces come into play. These Traces have the right to be provided to boost the chance of a specific reward dropping from that Relic. “Radiant” is the highest possible level of one upgraded Relic, that enables it to obtain the highest possible chance that dropping a rare reward.

How perform I achieve Void Traces from Fissure Missions?

The many efficient means to farm Void Traces in Warframe is to merely go in windy Void Fissure missions. Much faster missions such together Capture and Rescue work-related best, but if you have plenty of Relics to crack open, you can go for a lengthy Survival mission.

In a Void Fissure mission, corrupted enemies will drop Reactant on being eliminated. You can identify these opponents by the various glowing patterns on them. Killing these corrupted adversaries will fall Reactant that you have to manually pick up. Each player needs to pick increase 10 Reactant in stimulate to open up their respective Relic. Failing to obtain 10 Reactant prior to the mission ends will result in the Relic gift wasted. This will additionally not price you any type of Void Traces native the mission.

On choose up 10 Reactant and also completing the mission, the game will prize you v a small number of Void Traces. You can then use these come upgrade other Relics. The mission rewards will also give friend a selection to choose your reward from the relics opened. Every player’s Relic will market one prize that will certainly be available for all players to choose from.

Most reliable Ways to farm yard Void Traces

The best means to farm Void Traces is to simply keep repeating Relic missions. If you’re doing public missions, be sure to equip a Relic. It is considered negative etiquette to enter a windy Void Fissure mission there is no a Relic, together it will certainly take far one feasible reward pool from your whole squad.

Playing Solo is a good way if you’re simply farming Relics. Perform Solo capture missions to quickly farm Relics without having actually teammates to sluggish you down. Usage a Volt build prioritizing movement speed. This will let you carry out one mission every couple of minutes. Wukong is likewise a an excellent option for smoother activities in at home maps.

When playing v a Squad, go for Excavation goals as they will certainly reward you v Relics as well, permitting you to do much more of those missions. For Excavation, Frost and Hydroid are an excellent options. Make certain your Sentinel is able to choose up resources approximately you with the Vacuum mod. This will conserve you a the majority of time and enable you to choose up Reactant much faster.

One great way to farm Void Traces indirect is to carry out Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. This is the harder variation of the Sanctuary Onslaught mode and also will prize you through Relics that are currently upgraded to Radiant.

Can I boost the Number to reduce in a Mission?

You for sure can! I extremely recommend gaining a source Booster. Activating that will twin the number of resources you choose up in missions, which has Void Traces. If you play Warframe regularly and have 200 Platinum, the best means to invest it is top top a resource Booster. This Booster lasts for a month, yet you can also buy cheaper ones that last for a shorter duration. The 30-day Booster is certainly the most value-for-Platinum.

Having a Booster on will offer you Void Traces so quick that you will do it be maybe to completely upgrade one Relic every three goals or so, which is huge. Climate you have the right to simply do Radiant Share objectives to unlock the rare rewards. If 200 Platinum might seem prefer a many after did you do it grinded it without a Booster, you’ll make your Plat back in no time in ~ all. Rewards indigenous Radiant relics usually market for at least 20 Platinum, and you’ll make a lot more than 200 in thirty days.

The other means to rise the Void Traces to reduce is by using Smeeta Kavat’s buff. However, this buff is an extremely inconsistent and hard to count on, contrasted to the source Booster that has actually a 100% chance of doubling every resource you deserve to find.

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I’ve uncovered the resource Boost to be the best means to farm yard for Warframe Void Traces. Make sure that your understand Rank is additionally at a great number. If this doesn’t directly influence the Void Traces or the rewards you get from Relics, it increases the maximum number of Void Traces you can hold. This upper limit can feel choose it doesn’t matter, but once you obtain a resource Boost going, you’ll be racking increase Traces quite quickly.

Note the upgraded Relics don’t shed the Traces invested in lock if girlfriend don’t use them, therefore you deserve to continuously store grinding for Traces and upgrading Relics to open later. Us hope ours Void map farming guide helped you recognize the process better. Happy farming, Tenno!