Hello all. Mine older brother has just gained a brand-new game referred to as betrayal at house on the hill. I'm to plan to make some practice character cards together he desires the entirety family to play the on Christmas day. Yet I require to understand what size they are. If anyone has actually this video game if they could measure a character map for me this would assist massively. Many thanks in advance. Any questions or advice would be considerably received


The cards are pentagon shaped and also measure 10 centimeter from base to top and also base is 6.5 cm. The corners room curved so it is tough to obtain the measurements but this need to help. Friend will have actually to display us your character cards when you room finished. Would love to see them.

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Oh wow, i don't know why I've never thought of act this! I job-related for a couple more hours however if no one measures a player card for you, I'll try and help.

Realize that even if you do customer personality cards, you can't play if friend don't have actually a figurine or something else to uniquely stand for your personality on the board. An ext than that though, there's no hope for the video game to be even remotely same to the "traitor" if friend have more than 6 players in the game.

Also, obtain some packing tape, reduced it right into thirds length-wise, and fold lengths that that along the edges of the character map stat tracks. Waaaaay more useful since those clips constantly fall off otherwise. (the cardstock the the personality cards should have actually been made slightly thicker)

Yeah i thought about that yet i made decision we will just have to use the existing figurines as it'd be also hard/expensive to get bespoke ones.

By the whole family I must say us only have actually a 5 member family (my parents and also my 2 brothers) together the rest live too much away.

I've obtained some 0.85mm flexi magnetic sheets to make a backing and arrows so they must stick well enough I hope.

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Thank you for your concern though. Have actually a pretty day.


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