TSR exclusive Details: If you’ve ever before watched A&E’s “Beyond fear Straight,” climate you recognize Ms. Foxxxxy is quickly one that the most memorable human being from the prison-based fact show.

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Ms. Foxxxxy reached viral fame as soon as she schooled a young teen, that got recorded up for fighting in ~ school, around how come respond to haters without providing into violence. Girlfriend didn’t even have to clock the display to know the climate inmate’s renowned line–“I was wait on you at the doe!”–which flooded society media after the illustration aired.

Well, if 2020 has offered us anything, that surprises. 6 years after that unforgettable illustration aired, the teen and also Foxxxxy have attached up in the “Beyond fear Straight” reunion us didn’t know we needed. The pics have been all over social media recently, with rumors that the 2 are now romantically linked.

But Cedric, the when troubled teen turned entrepreneur, resolved the rumors real quick and also let us recognize there’s nobody of the going on!

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Cedric tells us the genuine story behind the connect up is the Foxxxxy has actually actually come to be a mentor come him due to the fact that they met on the show.

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Cedric claims Foxxxxy has actually kept in touch v him to view his expansion and development but lock lost contact after she Instagram account was hacked. 

Going on around his business, the current meetup to be a surprise to even Cedric, who claims them running right into each various other was a total coincidence. 

“We no intend on seeing one one more but we also have something in store for the viewers,” Cedric speak us.

Just what might that be? us asked Cedric to provide us the deets and also he told united state what we can say is that there’s a present in the works through him and also Foxxxxy! 

Would y’all be right here for a display featuring this duo? Let united state know!

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