Big Sean"s latest is an concerned stream-of-consciousness narrative, his verse flowing end discordant and also menacing piano with a horror movie vibe.

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Andrew Paschal: big Sean’s latest is an worried stream-of-consciousness narrative, his city flowing over discordant and menacing piano through a fear movie vibe. He definitely achieves the mood the sets out for and pulls the listener right into his very own discomfort. Present like, “I realized as soon as it pertains to girls / that chemistry means way more than anatomy” perform not exactly make because that the many profound revelations, however, make the monitor feel rather juvenile regardless of itself. Still, big Sean’s emphasis on mood and atmosphere below make for an interesting and also unusual listen. <7/10>

Brian Duricy: So, the positives: large Sean, untrue to form, only gets in one blundered line (“I’m the livin’ proof the you don’t require a master’s simply to it is in a masterpiece”) end brooding, nearly choral production that just begs to be contrasted to Views. Plus, the video is rather pretty through its usage of every light shade save for a herbal white, and also the backing “Ba, ba, ba, ba”s include a nice textural aspect to an otherwise smooth track. But really, the worry here is that, choose virtually all big Sean solo tracks, it’s just not a track that begs to be play a 2nd time. He’s too huge a rapper no to resonate in the general public consciousness one method or another, though this tune does tiny to support the insurance claim that you must listen proactively to hear huge Sean. <4/10>

Steve Horowitz: huge Sean takes command here, yet of what is uncertain. That loves his girl, but she won’t speak to him, and also he won’t talk to his mama, and also his job-related is an ext than a salary. There’s a lot of crammed in, and also Sean repeats himself repeats self to make certain you know what friend don’t understand. It’s sort of cool and meta since he’s got a flow to be sure. The video captures his charisma and also puts fuzzy edges on the story. <8/10>

Chris Pittaway: large Sean it is intended deadpan stream-of-consciousness bars over a dreary, uninspired beat. That’s not to to speak nothing is redeeming here; in 2 spots Sean switches increase his flow and injects the tune with some much-needed variation, and also occasionally autumn a thought-provoking fine crafted line. However on the whole, his text aren’t noþeles to get excited about. Lukewarm. <4/10>

Adriane Pontecorvo: big Sean go nonstop top top “Halfway that the Balcony”, a personal reflection top top life’s complications. Life might be complete of ups and also downs, but big Sean hits high notes from start to finish, and also this solitary is a solid pop hit through clever lyrics and straightforward beats. There’s not much much more to say; whatever here is golden. <7/10>

Mike Schiller: The big takeaway indigenous this one is that big Sean and producer/keyboardist Amaire Johnson discovered a good use because that vocal pitch-shifting, which virtually never functions the method artists it seems to be ~ to hope it will. Sean spends many of this track looking back, looking forward, recognizing his success and also being introspective around what that method for himself and his relationships. When the key on his vocals drops, though, the brag rap reflects up, the synthetic depth that his voice augmenting the man-made persona the brings no small component of the success, and also the junxtap location of those 30 seconds with the rest of the song makes for an effective and powerful verse. Whatever else is quiet and also downcast, and also frankly rather forgettable in a vaguely unstable way. It’s fine, yet it feels favor it might have been so much more. <5/10>

Chris Ingalls: The production is what renders it. Big, cavernous grand piano makes for a great anchor if the win swirl every around. Big Sean spits the end rhymes through confidence regardless of the reality that the music has actually mournful undertones.

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There’s a many layers here, and also it provides for a pretty bold music statement. <7/10>